Indian Horse Names

Indian Boy Girls Fe-male Horses name
     Indian Boy Girls Fe-male Horses name

Are you an animal lover? Do you sometimes wonder that you might have animals at your home and make it a zoo? Do you like to take care of animals? Do you feel pain when they groan? If so than i am so sure that you must be thinking to adopt one. If you are actually thinking so than why not adopt horse as one of your pet? Yes, you read it right horse. Horse often reminds us of those fairyland tales where we often wonder that a prince charming will come on that white skinned horse and would take you away. Sounds interesting, right?

Well as i have given you a hint as to you should adopt horse as your pet you must be very excited to keep a good name for your horse. Definitely, you must be. Horse as a pet is very delighting. Horse is really charming and beautiful. You ca also go on a walk with your horse and wonder it to be a nightmare or a dream that is coming true. Horse can be your new best friend among all the others. Horse can be your companion in need. Whenever you feel alone you can go on a ride with your horse.

As you have decided to own  a horse you need to give it a name which may depict the love of you for the horse. And also when we name something or someone we get emotionally attached to them. Out of love and benevolence we name them.So there are certain tips focusing on which you can keep a name for your horse.

Tips for keeping horse’s name-

  1. Select according to the personality- Even animals do have a personality so when you are keeping a name for your horse give focus over the personality of your horse. Personality represents your horse and so it’s name.
  2. Keep in mind the gender- When you are keeping a name of your horse keep in mind the gender of your horse and then name accordingly, If your horse is male than select a manly name and if it is female than select a womanly name.
  3.  Name should be short and interesting- The name which you are thinking to keep of your horse should be very much captive . interesting so that when others listen to it they can understand that this must be a name of a horse. So choose wisely.

So these were certain tips on the basis of which you can keep the name of your horse. Now after going through the tips we have something for you which relates to why you should name your horse? Or what is the need of naming  horse? So here we underline some basic needs for naming a horse-

Need for naming a horse-

  1.  Homely touch- When you give a special name to something or someone it gives a homely touch to that animal. Your very pet feels homely and passionate and thinks that he belongs to you and is thus a part of your family that is a good gesture.
  2. Distinguish among the rest- When you are in a crowd than you can easily call out your horse’s name and see how fast your horse will come to you. It is because of the identity that you have given to your horse.
  3. Respecting nature- It generally does not look nice when people call you by some uncommon word as it sounds to be rude similarly animals does not like it when you address them by horse again and again. So giving them a name is a good thing as they people some respect and attachment as well.

So these were certain need for which you should keep a name for your horse. Now moving ahead we have compiled certain list for you that gives you ample amount of names for your horse.

Girls Female Horses name-

If you own a female horse than the name should also be girly. Along with being girly it should be attractive as well. So certain girls female horse names are as follows-

  • Daisy
  • chameli
  • Rosey
  • Champa
  • Victoria
  • Sofia
  • Laila
  • Bijli
  • Chandana
  • vasa
  • jayanti
  • vasanta
  • chetana
  • Ruhi
  • megha
  • juhi
  • raveena
  • sushma

Boy Male Horse Name-

Having a handsome hunk in form of a male horse? Than select a manly name for the same. Some boy male horse name are as follows-

  • Chetak
  • Sheru
  • Cheetah
  • Ajeet
  • Bari
  • Jeetu
  • Teja
  • Khiladi
  • Akshay
  • Sonu
  • Raju
  • Vishal
  • dharmendra
  • Vijay
  • Abjeet
  • abhimanyu
  • Parti
  • Tendulkar

Famous Horse Names from Movies-

We all live in world of fantasy. We often copy what is shown in movies or daily soaps . So some very famous horse names from movies are as follows-

  • Tornado – Zorro’s Horse Name
  • The Black Stallion- Horse name in Black Stallion
  • Basanti – Name in Sholay Movie
  • Misty
  • Black Beauty
  • Thunderhead
  • Chetak – Name of Maharana Pratap Horse
  • Flash
  • Toofan – Used in movie Azooba
  • Blaze King
  • Joey – Horse name in War Horse
  • Seabiscuit – Horse name in Seabiscuit

So now you have a good collection of good names of horse. You can pick up any name for your horse from any of the above categories and name your horse.


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