“Group Chat” the term is far more interesting when done, than when we are reading it. Be it Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or in other social platforms we are a part of several groups. Somewhere it is a family group where all the members stay virtually connected and especially for which group your phone keeps on buzzing the entire day.

Then there come the private and the funny ones with inappropriate group chat names. These groups are where all your old school buddies are connected, groups where cousins are together to gossip about the “Nazism” happening in your own home and family.

But whatever be the purpose or whoever the members are, group chats make us feel connected with more people at once.

If you are an admin of such a group, the primary thing that it requires while creating a group is A GROUP NAME. Now keeping simple names like “My Sweet Family” or “Buddies” are quite an old school. Isn’t it?

Today I will talk about some group names which can solve your purpose of searching fun and quirky name for your chat group.


Some Social media group names are so funny and inappropriate that you can’t have a clue behind those names. I mean some names are just like calling hulk to a geeky and spectacled good boy. No matches right? Neither do these group names have?

4 Play Husshh! Gossips Inside Bluff masters Partners in Prime
Smoking Chimps Game of Phones The naughty zoo Dirty Secrets
The Weeders Hopeless Junkies S-Holes No Porns
Chamber of Secrets Butter Halves Team Dumbledore Crap Producers
Team Meme Unicorns Brainless Chaps Insomniacs at work
The Sassy Crews Snap or Spank Fraaands Gossip Grill
Pizza Slut Squad The Herd Nerds Bombshells
Gossiping Girls Caution: Hot To Handle The Monkey Squad Single Girls

Few of these names sound like as if they are warning people to stay away from these groups!! Funny AF.


No, there is nothing wrong talking dirty in a private group chat. Some names are hell funny that you will burst into laughter after just hearing those names. With friends and cousins, you can really be yourself and cut loose. You don’t have to follow a Hogwarts rule book thus you can talk and name dirty.

Blow Job Spanky Unsatisfied geeks The sex addicts
Lust Sponge Cum-risers Cock and Balls Fucking Fellows
Seriously We are Gay We like to play dirty Is it okay to stay virgin? Life’s dirty secrets
Cocky Men All pennies inside Under her Panties Did you cum?
Are you Cumming? Ding and Dong We love lingerie Ejaculation
Vagina Incubators Pink Pussies Dirty Sluts Erected
What’s your inch? Wet and Wild Keep it naked Hipster
Dirty boys Filthy Girls Suckers Let there be Madonna Boobs don’t lie


In the end, it is all about sex. You can discuss sex life, talk about sexual facts and share ideas of great sex. It is your private group after all. Some snap chat group names must sound sexist and especially when you all are comfortable to talk about the taboo with each other “SEX”.

Awesome threesome Booby Boo Pennies talks Sexbook
The last Shot I am Wet down there Wild bums Kamasutra Followers
Oh Yes! Sex in city Vibrators Just bang it
Fuck me hard Midnight moans Sextoys Crazy and sexy
You on Top Scissor and Sluts Sound like Slut U Me and She
Orgasm I am on Fuck hard Dim Light Sluts
Sex Dolls Call me Sexy Buzz Cocks Adults Inside
Fastest Finger First Her busty booty Sex positions The Gigolos

Inappropriate group chat names are hell funny and idiosyncratic too. You can have the feel of talking as the group name implies. The name “Sexy Slut” makes you feel confident and sexy.

Group names have a lot to do with the way the members look at the group. Hope these names will be of great help and you can pick any of these names as your private group chat. We can customize some names for you too.


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