How To Stand Out – 5 Powerful Custom T Shirt Business Names


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5 Powerful Customised T Shirt Business Names 

Standing out in any industry is essential especially when competing in a competitive market like the t shirt business. There are many ways to make a business stand out, both good and bad, but when looking for good a great place to start is with the name. A great name can drive customer interest and be the foundation of your brand story, but you shouldn’t pick the first idea that comes to mind, it needs to be inspired and meaningful if you intend on developing a brand around the name. Here’s a list of 5 t shirt business names to inspire you!

1. Supreme

Here is a name you will have no doubt come across whether you are a fan of the brand or not. The name alone makes the brand stand out amongst the many others competing in this space. Success wasn’t achieved from day one though, through hard work, dedication and very clever marketing Supreme has become one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world, and a lot of that is with thanks to their clever brand name which is heavily featured in the garment designs.

2. Banana Moon Clothing

Music has been the source of inspiration for so much of what we know, be it from a lyric, album title, or band name There are a million and one ways that a name can be inspired by music, take personalised printing company Banana Moon Clothing for example. Named after the 1971 album of the same name by Australian musician Daevid Allen. Similar to the album, these guys go against the norm staying true to their beliefs and have been bringing the highest quality personalised clothing to the market since 1993.

3. Lazy Oaf 

Inspired by youth nostalgia a spirit of non-conformity and teenage rebellion, the name Lazy Oaf encapsulates the essence of the brand and holds a strong message with their audience. Specialising in both men’s and women’s clothing you are sure to find limited releases and well known collaborations from these guys.

4. American Apparel 

Using exactly what you do as a name can have its drawbacks, like for example if have use a garment name you may find you get lots if interest but limited customers due to the wrong people finding your brand. American Apparel managed to succeed and become a household name, by explaining exactly what they do!

5. Doomsdayco

You might read doomsday and initially have some negative connotations, but that speaks volumes with the younger generations of 2020. Using your name to create a sense of feeling with your customers is a great way to build loyal customers, take Doomsdayco for example, they work with both independent designers and tattoo artists to create garments which are as unique as the people wearing them.

The conclude, standing out is essential in business and a great way to do so is through a powerful brand name which can be inspired by anything, just be sure to choose a name that is relevant to you, your brand story and your customers. 

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Anshi gupta
Anshi Gupta, She has worked with various business magazines like Business Today Outlook as a freelancer before joining the team. She is an addicted reader of self-help books, fiction, and journals. She is a great enthusiast of hosting events and photography. Copy editing and making new friends. She has worked with the team of Google too in hosting some of their summits and bagged appreciations also.

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