51+ Genius Christmas Team Name Ideas


Christmas is on its way and I am sure most of you have a lot of planning about Christmas this year also. The Trends of celebrating Christmas has been changing from decades. Coming up with a huge party with your Christmas team is a great idea to celebrate Christmas. Everything can be planned but have you discussed your Christmas team name? Well if not, then this article is about that only.

Throwing a party with your Christmas team but confused to pick up a name for your team?  Your search is probably going to be over. It is very important to have a Christmas team name so as to grab People’s attention. Also, Christmas themed team name will help you create some friendly competition among the teams throwing parties nearby you.  So let us have a look at the names that we have got for you.


 Looking for a Christmas team name that will keep your spirit alive? Well, then you are in the right place. Giving a name to your Christmas team is just like adding some extra element to your Christmas party. Below is the list of some of the best Christmas team names. Scroll down to have a look.

  • Jolly Holly Killers
  • Dashing Through the Hoes
  • Red Nose Reindeers
  • Santa’s Sweet Cookies
  • Rudolph’s Drinking Buddies
  • The Three Wise Men (Or Women)
  • The Jingle Belles
  • Don and The Gay Apparels
  • The Demented Elves
  • The Promise Keepers
  • A December To Remember
  • Nutcracker Bash
  • Winter Wingding
  • Jack Frost Jubilee
  • Secret Santa Social
  • A White Elephant You’ll Never Forget
  • Angels on Horseback
  • Elf For Leather
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Tinsel Belles
  • Three Kings (Or Queens)
  • The Roaring Chestnuts
  • The Jingle Balls
  • The Ho Ho Hoes
  • The Bouncing Baubles
  • Santa’s Little Trotters
  • Santa’s Helpers
  • Holly Berries
  • Holy Rollers
  • Prancers Enhancers
  • Rein Dears
  • Santa Stompers
  • Sleigh Belles
  • Team Naughty
  • The Pregnant Virgins
  • Sugar Plum Fairies

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 Some teams are way too clever to be given such simple names. Also, there are teams who want some funny names instead of clever names to create some fun element. So here we come up with a compiled list of funny Christmas names and clever names for your Christmas team. Check out the list below to choose an apt name for your team.

  • Gangsters Wrappers
  • Silent Knights
  • The Noel-It-All
  • Elfies
  • The Jingle Ballers
  • Sleigh What?
  • The Fruitcakes
  • Fab-YULE-us
  • Silver Bells
  • Grinch Gang
  • Jolly Saint Dicks
  • Retail-Slave Elves
  • Festivus For The Rest Of Us
  • HO HO HO’s
  • Scrooge’s Little Helpers
  • Chained Reindeers
  • Festivus Freaks
  • Donner’s Honors
  • Jolly Saint Tricks
  • The Balls Of Holly
  • Operation Yuletree
  • Merry Quizmas
  • We Will Deck Your Halls
  • The Stocking Stuffers
  • Santa’s $8/ Hour Helpers
  • Jolly Saint Hicks
  • Jingle Ballers The Roasting Chestnuts
  • Team Krampus
  • Cheeses of Nazareth
  • Jingle Ladies
  • Lil’ Drummer Boys
  • Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
  • Jingle Junkies
  • Peppermint Twists
  • The Gingerbread Men
  • Dancer’s Lancers
  • Blitzen’s Brazen
  • The Mistletoe Jockstraps
  • The Parumpapapums
  • Mulled Wine Militia
  • The Maids A Milkin’
  • Hanukah Haus
  • Jolly Raunchers
  • Vixen’s Pixies
51+ Genius Christmas Team Name Ideas 1

    Christmas Theme Party Name Ideas


  Well by now, you might have decided a name for your Christmas team but what about Christmas party name?  Naming your Christmas team party with a creative name will make you stand out of all the parties that are going to happen in your area. The naming ideas that are given below include loved symbols of the winter season such as Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, and Candies etc. Check out the list of Christmas party names below:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A Very Mariah Christmas
  • Jingle Ball 2018
  • Mistletoe Mania
  • Holidaze 2018
  • Cocktails and Candy Canes
  • Holiday Ho Ho Hoedown
  • An Evening of Merry Making
  • A Sweetsgiving Party
  • Holiday Movie Marathon
  • Yule Ball
  • 1st Annual Goodwill Gala
  • A Not-So-Silent Night
  • Holly Jolly Holiday Party
  • Jingle Bell Rockout
  • Gingerbread House Party
  • Sugarplum Celebration
  • A Jolly Good Time
  • Chillin’ Holiday Hangout
  • 1st Annual Naughty or Nice Party
  • Holiday Hoopla
  • Chrismukkah Party
  • Cherry Cocktail Potluck
  • Pet Holiday Party
  • Christmas Carol Karaoke Night
  • Christmas Cast-Off Gift Exchange
  • A Very Tipsy Christmas


Name your team as well your Christmas party with some interesting name and make sure to get the attention of the crowd towards your party. Hope this article will help you out in picking up a relevant name for your Christmas team and Christmas party.

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