A many numbers of NGO’s are operating around the globe with different motives and thus helping many across the globe. These NGO’s on personnel are doing great by being a helping hand to those who cannot help themselves or are unable to help themselves due to certain reasons. If you are planning to start your own NGO and be a part of a social cause then indeed you are heading towards something that is really grateful and praiseworthy.

Before starting an NGO you need to figure it out that with what purpose you are starting your NGO, whom are you going to serve or help and most importantly what would be your operational area. It is absolutely not an easy task to start up an NGO as various legal formalities are to be done while doing so. Also when you are starting your own NGO you need to give it a proper name through which people will recognize you. The name should suit the purpose of opening the NGO i.e. it should indicate that what your NGO is all about. So when you are going to select the name for your NGO to be very precise with the choice that you are making. To help you with this we have various names which you can successfully keep for your organization.  The names are as follows-


As you are opening a new NGO you would have definitely decided that would be the purpose of your organization so when you are thinking about the name of the organization keep in mind the purpose and then select. So some NGO names are as follows-

We careNursing Mother’s foundation
Dream alive centerThe place for you
Pro-life foundationHumanity Association
Save life foundationDigital empowerment foundation
Smile foundationPratham
UDAAN Welfare AssociationAkshaya trust
UDAY FoundationLEPRA Society
Doctors with bordersNanhi Kali
The hunger projectCry


The opening of some trusts by the collaboration of people is a responsible and tiring task and something more tiring than that is to pick up a name and give it to your trust. So to make your work a bit easy we give you some trust names. The names of some trust are as follows-

Action AidHelp For You
Youngster’s voiceYouth Ki Awaaz
Care centerDream center
The citizens’ foundationFeeding the hunger
Habitat for humanitySave the children
Home for the poorRobin hood army
Scare for cureIndian girls foundation
Charity watchGive well
The societal clubHelp for you
The old homevidya

Foundation Name Ideas-

Various foundations are opening day by day which is working on different perspectives and thus are gaining momentum by working to their best. Not only their work is recognized but also their name is leaving its remark on the people. So when you are opening up your NGO the name of the NGO should be such that leaves a positive remark or good public image on the people. Some of the foundation name ideas are as follows-

Food for youFeed the children
Save the ChimpsStand up to cancer
Donors ChooseDoctors without borders
Everyone deserves a roofFamily Promise
Make your own homeHomeless eats
Save the kidsEnd illiteracy
Rescue and relief missionNew life shelter
Village for the homelessNew hope rescue
Hopeful houseOur children
Children toy foundationChildren of mother earth

Good names for a charitable trust-

The charitable trust is serving good in the economy today. These charitable trusts are working in the various fields

Children and youth foundationFight hunger foundation
KIRAN SocietyReaching hand
Community development societyAn Action of women in development
Serve happiness foundationSuraksha
Hi5 youth foundationWe for change foundation
Serve smile foundationWe for your foundation
Anahad foundationThe protection for you
We serve you betterGood life center
Faith FoundationElders for elders foundation

NGO name ideas-

Some unique and good NGO name ideas for your new NGO are given below-

Help Age IndiaThe young minds
The change in youAsha charitable trust
Health education and development societyHope Foundation
Yathra trustThe shine in you
Shelter for the poorLet’s work together
MAYA  foundationDepressed people’s welfare association
Companion healthcare foundationKoshish charitable trust
Feed manyEducation for the learner
Health betterment centerRaising youth foundation
Care for everyoneThe help center

After going through various common NGO name ideas I am here to serve you with some NGO name ideas that indicate a specific area in which you are going to work.

Name for the NGO being opened for the development of the youth-

If you are starting your NGO which will involve the participation of the youth along with the development of the youth through various activities then you should keep a name of your NGO which directs towards the youth so that the youth can be attracted to your NGO. Some of the NGO name ideas are as follows-

Rise and ShineThe youth of todayYouth ki awaazRising foundationShining youth foundation
Dream alive centerThe creative mindsThe YoungstersThe developing youthIgniting young minds

Name for the NGO being opened for supporting education-

If you are opening an NGO that will be supporting the education sector than the name of your NGO should be innovative and should depict the learning prospect of the country. The various names for the NGO supporting education are as follows-

shikshaEducation for allLet’s learnThe learning schoolLearn and earn
The education foundationEducate the countryLearn and writeThe education centerLet’s read

Name for the NGO being opened to help the poor-

If you are opening your NGO with the motto of helping and lifting up the poor than you are definitely going towards an incredible job and so if you want people to know you or if you want more hands to join you than you should keep a creative yet educative name of your NGO. Some of the names of NGO are as follows-

Red CrossCRY
goonjIndia dream foundation
He for sheEk pahel
Robin hood armyFeed India
Educate the generationWe protect you

So, these were some NGO names which you can keep for your new NGO but make sure that the name you are thinking to keep must serve and suit your purpose and it should not already be registered. It is also equally important to select the name wisely because once your NGO is registered it will become difficult for you to change it if you wish to do so.


  1. Pls advise me I want to some new tragedy to help for saheed jawan and Kishan to help her family and new technology protect to farmers so how they easily do organic farm and give them to teach how they become succesed in this view of legends I want to open new NGO and i want to the name of my trust and this way I m confused to between of foundation and welfare society associations can you clear my confusion and give good name of my trust releated between jawan and kisan
    Thank you
    ROCKY Poddar ^9333982722^

  2. Ngo that will support vulnerable mother and children in the war affected country both health and education.so will like you to suggest the name for NGO.


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