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Stepping is a form of Dance that involves the entire body of the participants to act as instruments that produce rhythms and sound. This dance form includes the combination of footsteps, spoken words and hand claps. It has been an immensely popular art form of large parts of America’s artistic and cultural heritage. Stepping does not only provide a dance form but also very beneficial for an individual’s health.

STEP TEAM NAMES: Well if you have just started to build up a team for step dancing, then you might be also looking for a good name for your team. To make your search easier, we have come up with some amazing naming ideas for your step team. Scroll down to get some naming ideas for your newly started stepping team.


Between a walk and a hard pace



Cool Runnings


Hot Chilli Steppers


Walking Back Tay Happiness


Beat Cha Feet


Firm Steps


Honey Bee Side Steps


The Young and The Wreckless


Moon over my Hammies


Walka Walka


Walker Texas Rangers


Never Say Never


Smells Like Team Spirit


Hot Sexy Steppers


Pepper Steppers


These suits were made for walking


Star Struck Trekkies


Steppin’ Out


Witness The Fitness




Stepping Onboard


SWAG-Steppers with Groove


Taking Strides


A Step in the right direction


Honey, I shrunk the gut


We’re Bringing the sexy back


Dark Nights of the soles


Rapid Thigh Movement


The Young and Rest of us


Dead on arrival


Stella Steppers


Thump Rhythms


We Bring The Heat


The Smooth Operators


Red Hot Feet Movers


Lady Eagles


Led Steppin’


Too Inspired to be tired


Little steps of hope


Split End Steppers


Keep Calm and Walk On


Shoe Be Doos


It’s Only Walk and Roll But We Hike it


Team Spanks


Training Wheels


The Young and The Breathless


Thunder Thighs


Walking With the Devil


Boom Shaka Laka Laka


Stomping Grounds


TIPS TO PROVIDE YOUR TEAM THE BEST TEAM NAME: Choosing a name for your name can be a hassle if you aren’t good with names. But to make sure that you do not have to wander much, we have some tips that you must keep in mind while choosing your team name. Check out the below points:

  • Your Team’s name is your identity: A name is a very powerful thing when it comes to teams. A team name is responsible for an individual’s identity. It’s better to say that a team’s name will not just reflect what you do but also reflect who you are.
  • Choose a unique name for your team: Obviously nobody of you wants to get a team name that has already been taken or used by some other team. So to avoid the confusion amongst the similarly named teams, choose a unique one for your team.
  • Add locations or descriptions of your team: Adding a location will specify from where your team belongs to. Also, you can make the use of adjectives in your names. By doing this you can avoid confusion as it becomes less likely that other teams will have the same name.
  • Associate your team name with images: It’s better to associate your team name with an image to add some spice and creativity to your name. You can also use the picture of your group people to add it to your team name.

SOME MORE STEPPING TEAM NAMES: Aren’t above names enough for you? Worry not because our list of stepping names doesn’t end here. We have some more amazing naming ideas that are given below. Go through all of them to choose the perfect one that suits your team the best.


STEP Elite Peeps


STEP Sick Tricks


Stepping It Up


Banking on the cure


A fish called wander


Mighty Morphin Power-walkers


Motionally Challenged


Raising a Little Health


Super Troupers


The Roaming Perambulators


Walk It Like It’s Hot


Take A Hike


The Veracious Pacers


Run Like the Winded


The Walking Wrenches


Road Trash


The charge of the Lemmings


The Walkie Talkies


Thomson’s Trampers


These Boots are made for walking


Two Third Cute and One-third ugly


Chasing the Dream


The Quick and the Dead


Tramps Like us


Jimmy Choos and Training Shoes


Your Pace or Mine?


The Holistic Chicks


Holy Walkamolies


Team Victorious Secret


Half Fast


Together We Perspire


Running For Shelter


Steps- The Reunion


The Fresh Air-Shire Steppers


Young Tarts and Old farts


Too Stupid To Stop


The Poor Unfortunate Soles


Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts


Walking Wounded


Happy Feet

Before you start working effectively as a team, you need to select a good name for your team. Naming is a way to provide identity to your team as well as providing identity to an individual. Having a strong team name will always keep you inspired for what you are doing as a team. So make sure to choose a powerful and relevant name for your stepping team.

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