50+ Catchy Dance Studios Name Ideas

Steal The Show With These Super Trendy Dance Team Names


In earlier times, people used to do a dance just for entertainment and as their hobbies but the times have changed everything. Now people are making dance their profession and are focusing on opening this dance talent at the big level. So are you among those who have made their mind to open a dance academy but confused about picking up the right name for it? Hustle, no more because we are here to resolve the matter of your confusion. Firstly let’s have some idea about how to choose dance academy names.

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HOW TO CHOOSE NAME FOR YOUR DANCE STUDIO: Choosing a name can be both interesting as well as can be the most challenging part of your business. So before jumping onto any decision, there are some points that one must always consider. Use the below considerations to narrow the list of the names you are confused about.

  • Visualize your dance company names: Always remember your name is something that people will be seeing everywhere- on your websites, social media pages, advertisements etc. So it becomes very important to think about how your potential name will look visually. One must always consider the length of the name, the punctuation that is being used and the logo that is used must fit according to your name.
  • Always think about Connotation: I am sure nobody of you might have seen some childish and silly names being used by any business. So make sure that the name you are going to choose must have some appropriate connotation because your name is something that is going to make a first impression on your dance studio.
  • Do some internet research: If you are thinking of establishing your dance business on social media as well, then make sure to do internet research as well. Once you have made your mind about your dance class names, it’s time to do some research. Check on the internet if the URLs and social media slugs are available for the name that you have chosen. Also, check if your name is already being used by some other company. If any of these problems occur, then you might have to change your name idea to some very unique name that stands out.
  • Be aware of common mistakes: We have seen entrepreneurs making very common mistakes while they choose their name such as the mixing of two words together in order to stand out. But the results come out to be very unnatural. So make Sure to choose a name that is not complicated and easy to remember.



 Dance is such a talent that everyone nowadays wants to own. So it will be a very good option to start your business in this field. If you have already made your mind about opening your own dance academy but have no ideas about what name you can choose for it, then don’t worry. Below are some ideas to choose school dance names and dance company names.

  • Hook Crook
  • Dance the new dream
  • 6th position dance company
  • Art in motion
  • Artisan school of dance
  • Dance concepts
  • Motion dancer
  • Hip-hoppers
  • Spirit soul dancing
  • Danspiration
  • Dancing feet
  • Beat busters
  • Dazzling stars of (your city)
  • Dancing sparks
  • Dancing spirits
  • Zest life
  • Verve Dance studio
  • Twinkle Toes Studio
  • To the point Dance studio
  • The Hip-Hoppers
  • The Dance Whisperers
  • Standing Ovation School of Dance
  • Stage Lights Dance Studio
  • Spotlight Dance Studio
  • Soaring Starz Studio
  • Salsa Swings
  • Rhythm Studio
  • Reckless Dance
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Pump it
  • Powerhouse Dance
  • Polestars
  • Pointed Toes studio
  • Move and Groves
  • Let’s Dance
  • Lights Camera Dance
  • Leaps and Beats
  • Jump and Jive
  • Jazz Hands Dance studio
  • Hippy Hippy Shake
  • Funk Fusion Dance Studio
  • Glam Dance Studio
  • Footlights Dance Studio
  • Feet on wonder
  • Dancaholics studio
  • Bop till you Drop
  • Illusion Dance
  • Dropbeat Dance studio
  • D evolve academy
  • Funk Fusion
  • Swingy Physique
  • Soulbeat
  • Champ’s feet
  • Major in Motion
  • DWM-Dance with me
  • Rhythmic style
  • Groovy Fox
  • Pretty swings
  • Tap the Feet
  • Tap in Style
  • At the Beat
  • Dancers Heartbeat
  • Each Beats
  • Klassy Divas
  • Fire Groovers
  • Premier Dance Academy
  • Sunrise Dance Academy
  • The Plex Dance Studio
  • Stretch your body boot camp
  • Several Dancers Core
  • Freestyle Dance Company
  • Epic Centre For dance
  • Vibe Dance and fitness
  • In steps Dance and Performing Arts Center
  • Exclusive Dance club
  • eMotion Dance
  • Dance Unlimited
  • Dance with Melody
  • Heart and soul Dance studio

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We all have awareness of the fact that dance is not just for entertainment but it equally helps us to maintain a good health. So by opening a dance academy you are not only going to attract dance lovers but also the people who want to get fit through dance. Dance classes that mainly focus on health rather than carrying proper steps or format are also known as Zumba classes. So here we come up with interesting names for Zumba classes, to make you a selection of name easier:

  • Chicago Fit Chicks
  • Recharge fitness
  • Fierce Curves
  • Contoured Wellness
  • Get Fit, Metabos
  • Balance Fitness
  • Better Your Beauties
  • Extreme Transformers
  • Metabody Complete
  • Shakedown
  • Twist fitness
  • All Round Fitness class
  • Burning Desire Fitness
  • Dimensions
  • The moving women
  • M power Fitness
  • CUTS club
  • The Curve Circuit
  • Lose The middle Fitness
  • Afterburn Studio
  • Prime Of your life
  • Core and Curves
  • Shaping Contours fitness
  • Healthy Burn
  • Well Go Figure
  • Energym Fitness
  • Take Charge Transformations
  • Target fitness
  • Fab & Fit
  • Sweat Success
  • Empower Fitness
  • Fit to Live
  • The Enlightened Curve
  • Rep and Reap
  • C town fit curve
  • High Tech fitness
  • Woman’s Touch
  • Proven Body
  • Great Lakes fitness
  • Beautiful Betty fitness

I am sure these names will be enough for you to decide the perfect one for your dance academies or Zumba classes. Choose a name wisely that will reflect the theme and culture of your Dance Academy. Go through all of them carefully and pick the relevant name for your dance class.



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