50+ Amazing Pool Team Name Ideas



Playing pool with your team in some local league can be an interesting way to meet new people and to develop your own skills. Participating in a pool league will help you generate your feeling of competition among your team and other teams. Are you also going to play pool league with your pool team? Well, that sounds to be great but have you thought about your team name?

Naming is the most important section when it comes to some business and sports teams. A team’s name not only provides identity to your team but also gives identity to you as an individual. Choosing a name for your team can become sometimes confusing and a bit of task. But for the better selection of your team name, we are here with our lists of pool team names.


 Are you interested in developing your skills of pool and showing off the ones that you have? Then playing in a pool league can be a perfect opportunity for you. To make your team sound even more attractive you need to look for a team name that suits the skills of your team members. Below is the list that is compiled with some clever and funny billiard team names. Scroll down and check them out to choose a name for your billiard team.


Pokin N’ Hopin


Stick it to ‘Em


Chalk is Cheap


In The Pocket


Rack Em


Short Bus All The Stars


Blurred Vision




Miss Qs


Three Amigos


The English Majors


Chalk and Awe


8 Balls of Fire


A Few Sticks Shy


All Chalked Up


Alpha Cue


Back in the Whole


Baize of Glory


Pocket Pool Allstars


All Pockets


Scratch This


The Kiss Offs


The Bus Boys


Money Shot


We’re solids, Right?


The Hot Pockets


Rail Riders


Striking sticks


Smashing Balls


Crazy Balls


Frozen Cues


Chilly Shots


Bridge Breakers


Smile Heads


Pool Fools


Bouncy Stars


Power Bubbles


Cool Buddies


Blind Balls


Sizzling Balls


The Magic 8 Balls


The Third Input

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 Do you really know the difference between snooker and pool? Well, then let me make you aware of it. The main striking difference between snooker and pool is that in snooker the no. of balls is 22, including the white ball whereas in the pool the no. of balls, is 9 only. Also, there are some table differences too on which both the games are played.

Pool Team Name Ideas
                          Pool Team Name Ideas

Are you a part of some snooker team? And looking for some good snooker team name? Don’t worry because we have got all for you. Picking an appropriate name for your team is somewhat a difficult task but we have tried our best to provide the best name that we could. Below is the compiled list of snooker team names. Go down to have a look at them.


Just Snookin’


Breaking Racks and Hearts


Bobbie’s Trap


The Spin Doctors


Ball Breakers


Crazy 88’s


The Snook of Love


Three in the side/corner


Diamond Cutters


Pocket Rockets


Triple Threat


Three Rails


The Shockers


Snookin’ For Love


Sticks & Stones


Sink Or Swim


Sidewalk Chalk


Rubber and Liquor


Reaching Third Base


Rack Lovers


Cool in the Pool


Cue Branch


Cue Tips


Green Rollers Inc.


Lounge Lizards


Ounce of Fury


Poke & Hope


Snooker Tang Clan


Women With Balls


Got Felt?


57 inches long and hard


Bourbon Legends


It’s a Beautiful Rack


Cheeze It


Bank N Spanks


Rock-out with your Chalk


A Tip of Left


Sofa King Good


Running for the hole


Miss Cues Women Club


Hot Shots Men Club


Happy Hookers


Pocket Protectors


Pocket Munchers


Sunshine in my pocket


Pocket Prowlers


The pool has been played from the ancient times but the Craze of playing pool or snooker is growing day by day. Nowadays many pool Leagues have been conducted for the pool teams to play and win some cash prize. So if you are thinking of taking part in these leagues with your team, then it’s better to go with a clever team name so as to attract people. We hope that our list of pool team names will make your selection of team name easier. Also, if you have some other good snooker team names, then you can comment below.

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