50+ Best Star Wars Wifi Names


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Are you in search of the best name to set up your Wifi password? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Seems like you are a huge fan of Star Wars. We made a few categories of names based on this fictional series “STAR WARS”. The names are good enough for your wifi name which are absolutely amazing.

Are you a big Star Wars fan? It seems so, as you have approached to our place in search of some amazing star wars wifi names. Well, moving ahead with the series the trend has uplifted to name the wifi in the houses that are as amazing and interesting as star wars name.

50+ Best Star Wars Wifi Names
50+ Best Star Wars Wifi Names

So, here I am to share some star wars wifi names which you can also put to use as your passwords. We hereby offer you a lot of variations from every character and place from the series for you to select from. Are you ready to select the name?

Best Star Wars Wifi Names

It is always better to stay strong and startling. Thus, choose the best name for your Wifi connection that makes you look like a big fan of Star Wars. We have a list of amazing of Star Wars character names for you!

To be the best is outrageous and always better. So select some name that is best amidst the list and thus makes you a hard fan of star wars wifi.

NUTRONSMillennium FalconLANdo CalrissianFondy Fire
The last Wi-FiBelkin’s Cloud CityLeia Organa SoLANSurf, or surf not… There is no WiFi.
Planer WarsThe Last JediPretty Fly for a WI-FIVicious Gang
Chewie and his WiFi MazLan SoloX-Wing WiFi FighterJar Jar Linksys
OTTODocking Bay 94It’s my GalaxyMosEisleyEscortService
Embrace the power of the WiFiLuke, I am your wifi.Milky StarLet the WiFi-key win
Luke, I am your wifi.Uncle OwenCredits will do Wi-FineI am one with Internet. The Internet is with me.
Womb_RaiderLAN LobotLeia Organa SoLANholonet5
Wars of starThe EmperorTrash MonsterNot the Wifi your looking for
This is not the network you are looking forChewbaccaWi-Fi WalkerCyberKnights

Star Wars Wifi Network Names

Wifi connects you to the internet, so ensure that your Wifi name is as powerful and strong as your connection. In this article, you will find various names that you can keep either as your wifi name or set it as your password. The network is something that connects the link of various areas and thus ensures that the network is very strong and also expressive.

the LAN of NoReturnLooking for WiFi in Alderaan PlacesMillennium FalconGunGan Forcefield Generators
Go Go Router RangersLANgo FettAnakin Sky routerThe Last Jedi
R2D2serialportPadme AmidaLANJedi MasterIt’s my Galaxy
Obi-Lan KenobiKyLAN RenRey of Wi-FiLuke, I am your Wi-Fi
Supreme LANcellor Velorum/PalpatineHolonetWi-Fight WarsEmbrace the power of the Wi-Fi
R2D2serialportPadawan Wi-FiJawa Router ScavengersSupreme LANcellor Velorum/Palpatine
AT-AT Manufacturing Facility ServerWi-Fi destroyersDeath Star Exhaust Port ControlLooking for Wi-Fi in Alderran Places
It’s a trapPadme AmidaLANKyLAN RenDocking Bay 94
Clone wifiThe Jedi Knight of NightMace Wi-FiA long, long time ago, in a router far, far away
Star DestroyerNot the wifi you are looking forEwoks E-FiBelkin’s Cloud City

Clever Star Wars Wifi Puns

Star Wars is all about fantasy. All the characters hold a unique and outrageous personality. Prove that you are a huge fan of Star Wars by keeping any of the below names as your wifi network password.

Clever Star Wars Wifi Puns
Clever Star Wars Wifi Puns

Trying to ensure that you are the biggest fan of star wars and thus selecting a star war wifi pun name. We give you a long list to select a star war wifi pun name from the list:

Let the WiFi-key winChewie and his WiFi MazWi-Fi 1X-Wing WiFi Fighter
A long, long time ago, in a router far, far awayJar Jar LinksysThe Hutts’ Wi-FiZeta Class Imperial Shuttle
Surf, or surf not… There is no WiFi.This is not the network you are looking forObi- LAN KenobiThe Profundity SSID
Embrace the power of the WiFiSuck my forceLANdo CalrissianWEETEEF CYU-BEE
Suck my force.You Da wifi, manRoger Roger RouterTantive IV
The PhyXTGears.Padawan WannabeSuck my forceKillun WiFi Station
It’s my Galaxy.Delphi E.L.I.T.E.Sith ApprenticeShoretrooper
LAN Lobot.The Last WiFiSurf, or surf not…..There is no wifiBahryn Meteorite
Credits will do Wi-Fine.Clone Force 99Rebel wifiArcheon Nebula WiFi Galaxy
Obi-Lan Kenobi.Cave of EvilSavage Opress YouThe Last Jedi

Star War Router Names

Naming your router isn’t a bad idea at all. People are doing it! Choose the best name for your router. Ask your friends and cousins to select a name as well. By doing this, you will stand out and your peer will ask for your suggestion while naming their router.

It has now become trendy to select the router name as well. So select a router name that is classy and no one is able to identify as to which character or place of series it belongs to.

Luke SkyrouterProcessing, please wait..Tell My Wi-Fi Love HerNo Free Wifi for you
NachoWirelessError, unable to connectWinternet Is ComingYou Pay Now
homeland securityAdmiLAN AckbarPing’s LandingVirus Infected WiFi
Astromech Droid Router RepairersThe Death Star GunnerThe Promised LANGet your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
ConcordiaController LT-319FBI Surveillance Van 4Talk Less, Work more
Death Star Wireless ZoneIGV-55 Surveillance VesselVery slow internetpenny get your own wifi
Aayla Secura Here!Text ###-#### for PasswordArea 51 Test Sitebaap ko bol net lagva de
The Domino SquadYell ____ for PasswordNever Gonna Give You UpSweet Adeline
It Hurts When IPFree Public Wi-FiHide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-FiNo More Mister Wi-Fi
Ye Olde InternetFree Wifi With passwordStarbucks Wi-FiGetOffMyLawn

Besides these wifi names I am also sharing star wars team names, yesterday I got 2 mail regarding asking also suggest about Star wars Team Names, so here I am with some great team names. I know I’m kinda overdoing the STAR WARS thing, but I’m catching up after being in another country for two weeks.

I love movie scores, and they can be as important as an element in a movie for me as any of the other working pieces. Another thing I dug about THE LAST JEDI was the score. It features some of John Williams’ best work in quite a while. So here you go for some awesome name Star wars team names

Star Wars Team Names

Here we’ve sorted some really cool Star Wars team names for you. You definitely want to win the game be it a group project or a completion. You want to see your team’s name at the top of the board. So choose the best Star Wars team name and prove yourself as a fighter just like the teams in the actual Star Wars series.

Delphi E.L.I.T.E.TechFireEagle Wi-FiDrop It Like It’s Hotspot
The Wings of FirePantherTechI am the Internet, AMATest Wi-Fi Please Ignore
R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.Greater Rochester RoboVirus-infected Wi-FiTitanic Syncing
The RobonautsMiracle Workerz (MOE)I’m too sexyMom Use This One
NUTRONSSPARKY 384I think, therefore I am!Martin Router King
X-CatsLas GuerrillasWI-FIght the inevitable?Whitehouse Wifi
CyberKnightsPike RoboDevilsPassword is YouPresident’s Wifi
Janta heh mera baap kon hehEbola Is hereGo Home TouristWait I am Coming
Is riste ka kya naam duConnect to your assOpen Wireless Fly Network UnavailableLet’s Dance
Wifi Art Thou RomeoAss netDo not connectFree Internet from Whitehouse

Read More: Funniest Game of Thrones WiFi Names

Funny Star Wars Names

Even Star Wars have some funny characters. It would be fun if you could name your wifi name with something weird and funky. So neglecting all the fights and grudges, look at these funny Star Wars names for router and network.

Operation ArgumentVicious GangKaren’s NetworkAss Wifi Zone
Toast of Undeadyou killed a_puppyYour PC Might be CrackWhat is your size
Operation zipperDragon FliesEnter the Dragon’s NetworkCome into my house
GlitterfartWomb_RaiderKeep it on the DownloadFree wifi is not here
Xperienced_VirginSuicidal_Mommas_BoyConnect and DiePolice is coming
Cave ExplorerLoveTheSpongeProhibited AreaConnect To Cum
Can I fuc* you?Enter the Dragon’s NetworkDon’t type Wi-Fi PasswordAll connection are infected
Dont cum my mumma in my houseKeep it on the DownloadInternetCosts$Password is
Free pizza come in my houseTo Create a SoulQuit Using My Wi-FiConnect free wifi is here
Titanic wifiYou’re AllNoobsYour PC Might be CrackBuddy, please go home

SSID Wifi Puns Names

Some might not be aware of this term, let me first get it clear. SSID is the name for a WiFi network. People typically refer an SSID when they’re using a mobile device connected to a wireless network. It stands for Service Set Identifier. So choose the best Star Wars WiFi network name.

SimboticsThe PhyXTGears
Texas TorqueOTTO
Metal MuscleILITE
Rolling ThunderThe Broncobots
Sab-BOT-ageFondy Fire
The Pascack PioneersPWNAGE
Ravonics RevolutionNemesis

Good & Best Star Wars Names

Naming a device or a networking system could be crucial as it comprises of sophisticated elements. So why not give a sophisticated name as well. Here we have a list of good Star Wars for your WiFi password or network.

Good & Best Star Wars Names
Good & Best Star Wars Names
Sexy Sausage on SteamBaakchod Fighters
incrediblef@gBest Thugers
Dildo BagginsPlaner Wars
vagdestoyerSky Wars
BoscosMilky Fight

All these names provided above in the various list given above show that such a huge fan you are of star wars series that your wifi and router names are also named after them. So! hurry up and select the best name before anyone could else take up.

After reading this article many of you will ask how to change the Wifi names, so here I am providing very simple steps so you can change the password

    1. Open Mozilla or chrome I mean your web browser. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need to know its network name (SSID) I mean your Wifi name.
    2. Type home or in the address bar. After it windows open, just enter your default id and password. If you don’t know then check the backside of your modem or box of the modem.
    3. After entering correct credentials you will configuration panel, For changing, the network name (SSID), delete the current SSID.
    4. Enter a new network name.
    5. Click Save.

Funny And Interesting Wifi Names

Wifi names are visible to all people around you on the network. So, the name must be unique and exciting. It can create an impression on your friends. So, one needs to be careful while choosing it. Below are the top wifi names.

YerBabyIsReallyUglyI love my neighborDrop It Like It’s Hotspot404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
Pretty Fly for a Wi-FiMy neighbor is very sexyPorque-FiWe Like When You Watch
Password is CoolI Want to meet my neighborChallenge ExpectedIt Hurts When IP
Area 51 wifiWelcome to my Wifi areaNow this is a Story ofGet your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
Sky netWifi ka baap hu mehTitanic SyncingMy Damn Internet
Terminator is hereConnect to my assTest Wi-Fi Please IgnoreYour music is annoying
King of the jungleConnect hereJoin My NetworkBring Beer and Women to 40.2
Mera naam hatiWe love you momNo Free Wi-Fi HereLet’s gangbang
Wifi is free in my lawnThe Whomping Wi-FiThe Next Door GirlStop the party
I want to marry youThe Black LinkThe Password Is AndsersonHacking your facebook

Star Wars Names

If you’re really a fan of this popular fantasy show then you’ll love the names which we have listed below for you. Why rely on some old boring passwords? Change the trend and make your own unique name for your WiFi network.

If you are a fan of the popular Star Wars, then look on the below star wars wifi network names.

Xinfinity wifiDo or do NET
Fighting for WiFiDon’t steel your net
LAN solowifi no longer exists
Network is forbiddenI am rather wifi
I will not be the last LANThere is no try

Exciting Wifi Name Ideas

Are you searching for an exciting name for your network? Then take a look at these exciting Star Wars group names. We have a complete list of names according to your taste and your favourite characters.

Searching for some exciting Star war group names? We have a whole list to choose and get your Star Wars username. 

Fan of HarryThe clone warsStar warsLord Voldemodem Gay
WiFi Guardium LeviosaNew hope of getting togetherThe return of the familyThe Triwizard Internet
Infinity talksThe skywalkers placeExpelliarmus Your InternetHogwarts Great Hall WiFi
The knight keepersTalk of the phantomIt’s LeviOSA not LevioSAHGo Away You Mugglee
Star wars resistanceRevenge of cousinsThe Mystery of DarknessIAmUp2NoGood
Harry potter free wifiJadu tonaHarry potter wifi zoneHogwarts
Lets marry harryMagic karloHermione GringerAccio Internet
Harry potter is aliveHogwarts Wifi zoneHarry mera baap thaHogwarts Express
Harry pottery zinda hehMagic stick of harryMuglles lawnWizard Always
Harry potter is aloneWomen require for harry potterMaglu santanRavenclaw Common Room Wifi

Interesting Wifi Names

Do not miss the most interesting list of Star Wars names for your virtual connection. Not just for your internet connection but you could use these names for your laptop, your console, computer, Xbox etc. Choose the best name!

We have the newest star trek wifi names. Use them as your wifi names and see its magic on your friends.

Wifi time’s upThe password is wrong
Engage in netThe drumhead of wifi
Buried aliveWifi with just words
Return to siteBalance of internet
I am a wifi doctorPick a wifi

Wifi Name With Jokes

Wish to have a name that sounds funny and reflect a joke in it? Choose the best name for your WiFi password or username. You will rock with these most amazing names.

One can use the following wifi name puns for his wifi title.

Jume bugQuite sorry
Not the Wifi You’re Looking ForUntrusted Network
Stars villeLeia Organa
Definitely Not WifiProtect Your WiFi
Luke skywalkerCut the Wire

Funny Wifi Names

If you’re a fun-loving person then you’ll definitely like the names which we have collected for your WiFi username and password. Make it as your password and no can ever get access to your connection.

Are you a fun-loving person? Then why not make your wifi name funny. Below are different funny star wars names.

Drop It Like It is HotspotNacho Wifi
Han soloUseless wifi
No More r WifiWi-Fight
Darth VaderThe Jedi

Smart Wifi Names

Do you consider yourself smart enough to choose your own WiFi password? But again, we have a list of some tricky WiFi passwords and usernames for you. You can use them wherever you want.

If you are a geek then try our geeky wifi names collection.

Netflix Streaming!Free virus
This wifi is infectedEnter Wireless
Not The WiFiYes! Old internet
session has expiredIncorrect password
My Own Damn InternetClick Here

Unique Wifi Names

Why not choose a name that sounds unique and useful as well? When anyone talks about Star Wars, all the characters come in your mind. We have a list of some unique yet best Star Wars names check them out.

Looking for a good wifi name, then the following list is for you.

Work work workConditioner is better
Get off my lawnRestricted area
Lord modemLAN of honey
This is my numberFeel like flying
Enter the dragon’s networkDo not even try it

Cool Wifi Names

Isn’t it cool to have a username of your favorite character’s name? Choose your favorite name from this mentioned list of names that we have for you in our article.

Searching for cool wifi names? We have brought top wifi names from our cart.

No free wifi for youGo, home tourists,
The Uncrackable oneSearching…….
Top secret networkmore annoying
I believe wi can fiJohn likes Bluetooth
No connectionPretty fly for a wifi

New Wifi Name Ideas

Make a great comeback with a powerful name for your router. The range and power of your router will be always high. Thus, the networking router names must be chosen in accordance with your taste.

Still not getting a good wifi name? Choose from the list of best wifi names 2019.

No wifi for youI am the internet, AMA
Bluth companySweet as 3.14
The death star wifiThe legion of doom
Internet costs $Occam’s router
RedrumSanctum sanctorum

Solitary Wireless Network Names Ideas

A hotspot is separated from a wifi network. It is a medium (phone or laptop) that is used to supply the internet to other devices. Having a solitary name idea is a great way to expand your horizon of thoughts.

Ahh!!! Bored with all the ideas and want something else, then our team has a new list of wireless network names ideas.

Jammed networkClick here for internet
Network not foundNot my president
Bill wi the science fiAt least I get laid loser
Close your blinds, dude!Shut your dogs up!!
Series of tubesGucci Louis Prada

Smart Router Names

Routers are the key elements for any WiFi connection. Give a smart name to your router. Make sure you end up getting a cool and exciting name for your newly installed router.

New Wifi Name Ideas
New Wifi Name Ideas

Don’t want to share your wifi internet, use clever router names. Here are a few suggestions for you.

You will pay for itUsing wifi is a sin
I will take you to the copsLow battery, connect your charger…..
Beware god is watchingBe fearful of almighty
Your cell phone should be reboostedYour cell phone’s apps need to be uninstalled
Do you steal NET?Your cell history is not deleted


Are you looking for some crazy names for your wifi? Just hold your breath, we have lots of new ideas for star trek wifi names, cool router names, clever star wars puns, and more such names.

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