Company Name Ideas for Car Detailing Business


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Vehicle detailing business provides a good part-time or full-time job to the people who have an interest in doing business. There are a lot of commercial and recreational vehicles that need detailing such as boats, trucks, motorcycle, motorcycle, airplanes, marine watercraft etc. Are you also planning to start a detailing business? I am sure like others you must be willing to compete with the detailing services in your area or nearby your area. But do you really know the key factors by which you can compete with others? If no, then let me tell you the most important one. To startup with your business, the most important thing to keep in mind is to come up with a very unique and good business name.

It sounds easy when we talk about selecting a business name but it’s a really challenging matter. You cannot just simply pick any of the names and use it for your business as that can have an adverse effect on your customers. So make sure to choose your business name wisely. Below are some points that you should keep in mind while choosing your detailing company names.


To make your work a little easier, we have got some tips that you can follow while searching for your detailing business names.

  • CHOOSE A NAME THAT WILL REFLECT THE THEME OR WORK DONE BY YOUR BUSINESS: It’s a good idea if you choose a name that will reflect the theme of your shop so that your customers can already get an idea about what is in there for them. This way your customers can have a better understanding of what they want and what services you have actually got for them.
  • CHOOSE A NAME THAT IS EASY TO SPELL, PRONOUNCE AND EASY TO REMEMBER: It’s the very basic fundamental key of choosing a business name. Of course, you want your customers to remember your business name, so always try to keep it as simple as possible. People often forget names that are hard to spell or pronounce, which is not good if you have some online website too.
  • BEFORE CHOOSING A NAME, CHECK IF IT CAN BE REGISTERED AS A DOMAIN NAME: Before making your final call on your business name, make sure to check the availability of domain name for the name that you have chosen. If the name you have chosen is already taken by some other company, then you might have to come up with some other unique name.


Are you planning to open a car detailing business? This is a very good business in terms of growing and becoming successful. Your work is to make the cars look sharper, cleaner and modified by adding details to them. You might be good at your work, but are you really good enough at picking up a relevant name for your business? If not, then we have some really catchy car detailing names that you can go for. Scroll down to have a look at them.

  • Royal Car Care
  • Clean Max
  • Splash Hand
  • A2Z Car Care
  • Car Butler
  • Aqua Hand
  • Prestige
  • Diamond Car Care
  • Trusty Shine
  • All In The Details
  • The Detail Shop
  • Car Spa
  • The Mirror finish
  • Falcon Detailing
  • (City name) Detailing
  • Shine On
  • Pristine Detailing
  • VIP Anytime Shine
  • Incredible Detail
  • Restoring Touch
  • Pro Reflections
  • PAPA Fresh
  • Pirates Cove
  • D-Luxe
  • The Washtub
  • Buff Shop
  • True Bright
  • Mint Condition
  • Bee Clean
  • Waterworks
  • Wizards
  • Top Shine
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Reviving Details
  • Dust to Glory
  • Sharp Shine
  • Fresh Ride
  • The Wax Shack
  • The Finish Line
  • Exquisite Detailing
  • Speedy Car Detailing
  • Most Wanted Car Wash
  • Deckhand Detailing
  • Wash me Car Detail
  • Hogwash


 Auto detailing is another good option to open a business in detailing field. Choosing a name for your Auto detailing business is another tough decision that you have to make. Below are some of the names that you can choose for your auto detailing business. Scroll down to have a look at them.

  • Driveby
  • Curbside auto wash
  • Luster Wash
  • Luster finish
  • Tidy clean
  • The polished Ride
  • Deluxe Detail
  • Maximum Restoration
  • A New Ride Detail
  • Restore Galore
  • Classy Clean
  • X-treme Auto Detailing
  • A+ Auto Detailing
  • Ultimate Auto Care
  • Absolute Perfection Auto Detailing
  • Classy Chassis Auto
  • Aegis Auto Detailing
  • Sudz Auto Detailing
  • Auto Cleaning and Restoration
  • Evolution Auto Detailing
  • Eco Hero
  • Power Bright Auto Wash
  • Best Under Pressure Washers
  • Ultra Auto Salon
  • Expert Auto Detail
  • Paradise Auto Care

So these all were the names option we had for your Detailing business. I hope this article will help you choose a better and relevant name for your detailing business. Go through all of them carefully in order to select the apt one for you.

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