Best Catchy Hair Cut Slogan & Tagline for Saloon Shop


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For every business to thrive there must be some sort of promotion that will sell such a business out and this is what branding is all about. People don’t want to just walk into any shop especially when it comes to the world of beauty and hair care because for one reason, competition is very high and only those who are on top of their games will succeed. If you are nonchalant about the way to get customers to flock around your shop someone else will.

However, having a good branding and advertising system can be a very good way to catch your intending customers. When it comes to salon shop, one needs a name and a slogan that is very unique and that will stand one out because just like myself, most customers who don’t have a specific salon shop in mind my just go or move around in search of one and it is often not a surprise when they walk into the one with the trendiest, funkiest, posh and lovable name with an amazing slogan to go with it. that is just a pure power of branding. Beside this you can also read guest post about Iphone Alarm Clock not Working


Just imagine yourself as a customer that seek a salon shop and so you were walking around and you saw two shops with different names, one is called ‘Trimmers’ Salon’ whose slogan is ‘ we trim with class, we care with love!’ and the other is just ‘ Salon Shop’ with a slogan of ‘we are the best!’ which one are you likely to walk into? I am so sure it will be the ‘Trimmers’ Salon’ because it sounds like some salon that really know what they do and are really good at it. so there is just a need to find your salon shop a very catch slogan and even the name of your shop generally. However, sometimes, we discover names cant be changed but slogans can and so if you find yourself I such a situation where your name cant be change because you’ve been in operation for decades and your customers are just so used to the name already, you can do what we call ‘Rebranding’ where your salon get rebranded and come with a brand new catchy slogan.

However, catchy slogan is not something that can be chosen for you because you have to be able  to identify why your salon shop is different from other and then match the slogan to reflect this uniqueness so as to blend  with your mission and vision statement if you have one. But to help in your quest I will give you samples of my own crafted and top five catchy haircut slogans for salon shops.


The above slogan is best suitable for a unisex haircut saloon and it will go perfectly well with a salon that has just two words name as you can see the example I made above using the name ‘TRIMMERS’S SALON’.


This is could be used for a unisex hair cut  salon but make sure the slogan complete the name of your salon else it might end up not making a complete sense. The perfect example is ‘HAIR STUDIO… WHERE WE GIVE YOUR HAIR A HAPPY ENDING’. Hair studio is the name of the salon shop but the slogan completed the meaning.


This is rather feminine and is more appropriate for a female haircut saloon where all manners of stylish cut are made which may even include dying and curling.


This is also best use for hair cut salon that majors in feminine styles as mostly, female are said to be on ‘fleek’.


This can also be used for a unisex salon.

Here are few best Slogan or Tagline !!

  • Look your best, feel even better from head to toe.
  • Making you and your hair shine.
  • We manufacture beauty
  • The Kingdom Of Comb
  • To Dye Or Not To Dye
  • To Trim Or Not To Trim
  • We Specialize In All Phases Of Hair
  • We Tease To Please!
  • A High-end Salon Without The Pretense
  • Beauty is in the Hands of Your Stylist
  • Exceptional beauty for the exceptional face
  • Working beauty from the inside out
  • You are beautiful because we care
  • Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it
  • Bringing out the Beauty in You
  • Your New Look Will Inspire You
  • For the woman of essence
  • The soul of a woman
  • Come and you will be Inspired!
  • Good cuts less bucks
  • Great Curls Love Beauty

Please not that all slogan might be taken coincidentally but this is to give you an idea of how a slogan should be. Get creative and come about your own slogan.

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Shashank Jain
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