Creative Hookah lounge Names Ideas

After a hectic day at work or college, people prefer to relax a hookah bar. The fashion of lounge bars offering hookah are on a rise these days. Not only at lounges, hookahs also being offered at coffee cafés and restaurants. It has become a “cool quotient “and a hit amongst people of all age groups.

If you are planning to open a hookah bar then ensure that you find a name that is trendy and has a zing to it. Hookah‘s are mainly preferred by the youngsters and hence the name you choose must appeal to them. Though it is a fairly new concept this business is flourishing.  The Hookah place is like a bar lounge where people can hang out. The atmosphere of this place is such that it relaxes one and helps one unwind after a long day. As an entrepreneur if you are planning to set up a Hookah bar then the cost involved in same is also substantially less. However the cost will naturally depend on the location you freeze on, the size of the business, the rents and cost of obtaining the licenses.

Once, the above parameters pertaining to the hookah place is set comes the task to decide a perfect name for your business. Here are a few attractive Hookah bar names that you can browse through and decide from.

Hookah Bar Names

Hookah PlacePuff Café
Up In SmokeSmoke Place
The Hookah HookupTexas Hookah
Chorus PlaceSmoke Shack
Oasis HookahOff the Hookah
Mirage hookahLava Hookah
Meditterean HookahPharaoh Place
Pure LoungeSinbad Place
Anatolia hookah caféSinbad Smoke
Arabica caféBabylon
Fog It UpBabylon
HookaholicsHookah house
Green roomHaifa Turkish Hookah Bar
BabelArabian café

If you want any out of the box or unusual name then that will help you garner more business. The unusual name actually helps to create a brand for your business and has an instant recall value that will eventually translate into sales. Here are a couple of such unique and interesting Hookah lounge names, that you can opt for.

Hookah Lounge Names Ideas

Air floydsUrbane Minute
Melissalady Mine
360 AtmosSmoklin
Rogga Burstdirty Glaze
Airy ChooHook
Zedler LoungeFire & Flare
grosslyRoyal rich Lounge
Beyond blissSmoky Minute
Smoke Placecircle blink
Smoke channelHyfen Smoke
Air MettleCromon
Big Elite HookahMosstue
Smoky DotsBlack Stuff
Salsa CaveUptown Lounge
The CriterionFunbot Hookah
Hookah jointMacho Ming
Pretty PipesHookah Queen
Hookah for girlsArpells
Hookah for menNaznin
macho hookahAdam
Eve HookahAdorna
Krysten loubgeObbre
Dew CrewHookah for all
Art hookahHook Up with All
Jungle HookahDouble Dutch
The Yellow Flaghookah for stag
Tiny FunHookah for couples
TidbitsBlue Epic
Rayfield HubThe Matters
Quick CherryGreat Spark
Shadow Stonefayette
MuffasaHot Hexa
Hookah bar Just Grace

If you want to learn from the experts, then here is the list of a few famous hookah bar names from around the globe. These are all famous joints that have already created a goodwill for themselves. You can certainly take Hookah lounge ideas from this place. Here are a few inspirational names that you can get inspired from.

Mad GladSciam ( Rome)
La Sultana Café Ali Mama café
La comedia Kazuza
SohoCloister café
Green RoomBlack Room
Dubai HookahRoom with a Smoke
Berlin HookahHookah Plaza
The Lantern BarHjyran
All day long Koyla24 Sheesha
U turnZaffran
FumesKashmiri Koyla
ZerzuraFire n Ice
1 Oak caféFire N  Smoke
Boom BoXTurquise Cottage
Zest BarOut of the Box
SmokshaMia bella
café NirvanaSmoke Nirvana
What’s up caféThe vault
café FotoMafioso
KinbuckThe crude house
Adda over hookahStriker
Flavored hookah placelantern

Hookah bars and lounges are indeed in vogue. There are many restaurants that have an open terrace attached with it and are using the open space to offer hookah to the guests. You can take help from the above name ideas and name your enterprise accordingly.

Choose the name that appeals you the most .

All the best with your hookah lounge !!

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