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Every one of us does have some cravings sometimes for donuts, isn’t it? To satisfy our taste buds we can do whatever it takes to get out favorite food. But being a donut lover and thinking of satisfying the cravings of other by opening your own business is perhaps a great idea. However, it is not necessary to build up a large scale business of donuts in the very beginning. You can go for a small one to initiate with so that you can sort of get the idea about the business and then you can build it on large scales.

Honestly, while you are going to start your own business, the naming part of the business becomes very important. Names are something that can attract customers if chosen properly and can also mislead them if not chosen up to the mark. All of you might be searching for a proper guide that can lead you to a good donut shop names, so don’t worry because we have got all that you need to know before choosing the apt name for your donut shop.


  • Keep it simple and avoid hard-to-spell names: The most important point that needs to be considered is that you should always go for the names that are simple and easy to spell. This will avoid confusion among your potential customers to find your shop online.
  • Search on the internet before you finally decide your name: Always go and search on the internet whether the name you have liked is already being used by some other donut shop or not. If yes then it may give a pause to the name that you had picked.
  • Name your business that is something meaningful: It’s very important to convey something meaningful and positive related to your business to your customers. This way you are surely going to attract a lot of customers.
  • Pick a name that is catchy: Nobody wants a boring name for their business right? So always go for some cool catchy and funny donut shop names, so that your employees won’t feel any hesitation while asked about their workplace.
  • Get some feedback before you decide the final name: It’s always better to select 4-5 names, and then take suggestions from your family, friends, and colleagues. You can get the best idea from them according to the customer’s view as well.


The guide above can help you a lot while choosing a relevant name for your donut business. But that was not all we had for you. We also have a list of donut shop names that you can consider while searching for your apt donut shop name. So scroll down to have a look.


Fresh Catch Donut


Tender Delight


Donut Everest




Delicious Queen


What you say Donuts


Special Order Donuts


Smokey Honey


Snow Deer Donuts


Pampered Taste


Doodle Donuts


Yummyday Donuts


Jackpine Donuts


Slingberry Donuts




Holey Donut


The Donut Pub


Stardust Donuts




Hot Couture Donuts




Custom Donut Cottage


Freshly Hot Donuts


The Doughnutty Professor


Little Shops of Holes


Hot Nibbles Donut


Mouthwatering Donuts


Dreamcircle Donuts


Whipps Donut Shoppe


Hot Donut Hut


Freshcraft Donuts


Howdy Donuts


Dun well Donuts


Better Batter Doughnuts


Daylight Donut


Dessert Dust


Wholly Holes


DonutStix Donut


On Target Donuts


Delish Donut Shop


Glazed and Enthused Donuts


Goodbites Donut Shop


Design Your Donut


Sweethoops Donut


The Donut Dome



Some people like to keep their names wise and simple whereas some people always look for some fun in everything including their business names. It’s not a bad idea to choose a funny name for your Donut shop. Instead, it’s a good way to attract your customers. So here we have the list for you below to choose some funny names for your shop:


The Tasty Pastry


Mouthwatering Donuts


Yours Truly Donuts


Hotastic Donuts


Makemydonuthot shop


The Sassy Donuts


Naughty Donuts


While They are Hot




A Hole Lot of yum


Launch Pad Donuts


Killer Doughboy


Fast Go Donuts


Cookie Cutter Donuts


Its Frytime Donuts


Not just Another Hole


Round Of Applause


Hotter Holes


Dandy Dunker


As you Wish Donuts


Hot2go Donuts


Donut Darling




Sugar n Spice


Yo Yo Good Donuts




Highfive Donuts



Whileyouwait Donuts


The Ringo Donuts


Love it Donuts


Savor the flavor Donut shop


Whodoo Donuts


Espresso Donuts


Hot O Doughnuts


Top Hot Donuts


Warm Temptations


Hot Ticket Donuts


Whole in one Donut


Going Nuts For Donuts


Donut Fever






Donut Worry, Be Happy




Shower me With Donuts


Name you shop choosing name from these lists above. These names can go perfectly with any donut shop whether it is in India or some other countries. The names chosen are very simple and understandable by most the people because difficult names can create confusion among the customers while they search for your shop online. So make sure to choose catchy as well as cool to name your donut shop to make them different from other donut shops. Go through all of them careful before coming to the final conclusion of your donut shop name.

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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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