Thug Name Ideas


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The thug name ideas

When you mention the word ‘thug’ what comes in the mind of everyone is usually of a group or a person which has all sorts of cool and crazy acts. As cool and crazy a thug name may sound and appear, it will make you sound and look a little bit tougher!

Perhaps, if you are looking up for a cool handle or just for a alias to use, for your company or as your personal name, you are at the right place! Well, no matter what may be your motivation, a thug name defiantly puts on an appeal for intimidation, so that you can have an appearance on the screen.

Here, at this article you will come across variety of aliases and thug names which can you use it any form of genre, whether you want it for your company, personal or for any other form!

How to pick a thug name?

If you are searching for a process on choosing a thug name which is easy to sound! Well, if you are ready to figure out a thug name for yourself there are few thing listed below which will help you out!

  • Personality: No matter what kind of thug name you choose or you assign for yourself, it will be better if you choose one which makes sense with the personality. The only thing you should do is that you must pick a name which contradicts the person and resembles the name in humor form.
  • Toughness: the thug name you choose must have a beef up on the personal appearance, by making you sound rough and tougher! A thug name must only be chosen which represents a person’s attitude and personality, and makes them sound tougher through in and out.
  • Group position: if you own a group or you have a company of your own, the higher you rank up in your gang, the more intimidating name you can expect to choose for yourself.  
  • Specialty: If your firm or even you have any personal duties in your group, then you must choose a thug name which can be used in order to specify your own duty.
  • Name word play: The actual name of yours is a perfect way to make your own tug name. For instance, a person names Jack McGrun names himself as a thug name of ‘machine gun’. Well, the thug name has its own specialty, as it is similar to his last name.

We hope by reading our thug name ideas, you might be ready for some 19’s style thug names! We know you are ready! So, here’ the list of some cool thug name ideas, which will give you some inspiration to choose out a perfect name for yourself!

The list of Thug Name Ideas

The Butterfinger
The rover
The schemer
Jizzy Mack
Indian bully
The dark prince
The clown
The bulldog
Mad bitch
The dynamite
The circuit
Dangerous Hatter
Good cash
The bulldog
Pimp head
Born Rascal
Ice banger
Mr. Thug
Captain crime
Wild stuff
The gentle Don
The killer butterfly
Soft hammer
The quack
Crack head Beauty
Dirty Bee
The killer
Mad Dolly
Miss Nutty
The Iron Lady

The above names from the list are very famous thug names, which are similarly used before or in the middle of names. All you just have to do is to play around with the words, to get out a perfect thug name. So, choose a thug name, which sounds appropriate and just perfect as your personality.

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