Catchy & Creative Etsy Shop Names Ideas


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Are you having a good collection of items that belong to long years ago and can fetch good money? Are you good in creativity or may be good at managing or entrepreneurial skills? If yes, than you can plan for opening up your own Etsy shop and if you have already decided to open up one you surely need to pick up a superb name for your shop.

So next Question is How to name your Etsy Shop, You might face certain difficulties as when you are going to start up with your shop and so to make it easy for you we set forth certain easy steps you can go with to start your Etsy shop.

  1. BE CONFIDENT REGARDING YOUR ETSY IDEA-Before starting with any business, it is usually essential that you research over it that whether opening up of this brand bring profits to you or not. In this case you need to search about the customers that yo are likely to face, you need to set up your policies and framework.
  2. COLLECT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT-It is a basic step where in addition to setting up framework you also need to do research of your product that whether it is competitive or not?
  3. PLAN YOUR SOCIAL STRATEGIES-To socialize is to win and socializing your shop is one part of creating the shop. In  order to make people know about your existence in the market you need to make your own pageviews or websites. You need to give some visual emphasis to your customers through Instagram ,Pinterest and vine etc.
  4. QUALITATIVE PHOTOS-As we say photos speak a lot and have high power of convincing therefore your photo’s  quality should be such that your customers make buying decision as soon as they go through the photos.
  5. SOLID FRAMEWORK OF POLICIES- If you want to be the best and also want more customers than your framework of policies should be crystal clear to your customers. Being clear will help you to achieve high rating.
  6. GET AN HONEST FEEDBACK- It is very important to receive an honest feedback from the ones who are good at reviewing the shop because only they can tell that whether you are at right path or you need to make certain changes.
  7. HAVE A SUCCESSFUL RUNNING- Once you have launched your shop your role is to give your full time and attention and focus to your shop and to not to be ignorant towards it.

As doing research regarding your etsy plan is important similarly choosing and keeping a good Etsy shop name is also essential therefore so keeping a name could be fussy and difficult at times and so confusing too. Therefore to make your task of giving a name easily to your etsy shop here are some tips for choosing your etsy shop name-

  • GO WITH DESCRIPTIVE NAME-Give your shop a descriptive name it may be  a word or phrase that expresses your idea of opening of an etsy shop. It should be elegant,suggesting and descriptive. Your name should be such that everyone understands it.
  • CHOOSE AN ABSTRACT NAME-To choose an interesting name is to being creative and smart. Although choosing something that is too uncommon can be risky at times but can also bear good profits. It can add advantages to your shop a s well as to your pockets.
  • ADVERTISING YOUR NAME- Selecting your name as the name of your etsy shop is definitely not a bad idea. Your etsy shop name will be different from that of others etsy shop names because it is your own username that makes it comparative and competitive. It will be unique.


  • Out of the box
  • Wear your socks
  • OH my danglers
  • Paint your walls
  • Crown me royal prints
  • Sinful soaps
  • Zen craft shop
  • Creative crissy
  • Butter melts
  • The fashionista


  • Paisley prints
  • Print your design
  • Print junkiez
  • Gte animated
  • The artistic hub
  • The designed culture
  • Purple power print sop
  • Beautify your art


  • Collage orama
  • Norajana
  • Appeleatte
  • Home studio
  • Happy design
  • Lola and stells
  • Mod fox
  • Sweet heart sinner
  • Savor
  • Pearls and antiques


  • A stitch in time
  • Head to toe fashion
  • At your service
  • 70’S to 90’s
  • Hot threads

So these were certain cute,crafty and unique etsy shop names. These above list had provided you with a vast range of good names to select from so hurry up and select something that is different and creative before someone else take it away from you.


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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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