80 Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business


Unique Names to Kick-start your Photography Business

Who does not like to preserve their memories for a look over them in the future? Who does not like to capture some beautiful moments in a frame and go through them when you are missing someone or some particular occasion? This reserving of moments is possible only by way of pictures.

The trend of clicking selfies and groupies is increasing day by day because of the improvised technologies which we are getting today in our cell phones itself. So if I take it as a whole we all like clicking photos and making different memories. More than that we like if someone else is clicking our photos and thus is handling the photography department and than there arises the need for a cameraman.

So if you are the one who has great expertise in photography and then you can start up your own photography business. Yes, today the field of photography is running into huge profits but that is possible only when you have good experience in this field. When you are starting up with your photography business you need a professional camera and other tools required for the photography session.

When you are landing into this business of yours you definitely need to keep up a name for your business. The name should be impressive enough and catchy also so that people remember it for other occasions as well. Keeping up a name is a difficult task indeed so to make your task easy we provide you with certain tips to name your own photography business.

This blog is going to help you to select cute photography names as well as catchy photography names for your business or company.  We know you want to choose the best photography names ever. The catchy photography business names can help you to promote your business.


  1. Make use of your brainstorming skills- You should use humor to decide a particular name. You will have to think a lot that what name could be kept which has a pinch of sense and creativity in itself.
  2. Make use of your own name- As you are the owner and whole sole worker of the business you can also use your name and name your business. The customers of you should know who you are.
  3. Make use of the rhyming word- Rhyming words are always good to work with. You can effectively make use of rhyming words and thus can name your photography business.
  4. Avoid using technical words- You are not keeping a name for a technician or any high signatory. You are keeping a name for a common man and so you should avoid using jargons or some technical words. Doing so will lend you up in trouble as people will not understand what kind of business you own.
  5. Keep up a name based upon your specialized area- It is not necessary that you may be specialized in each and every area. You may be good in wedding shoots so you can name your photography business based on it.
  6. Use common sense- In a world full of competition you will have to make a smart move and thus pick up a sensible name.
photography studio names & photography account names

Photography Business Name Ideas-

Photography has its own department which captures various areas it involves wedding shoots, pre-wedding shoots, child photography, modeling photoshoot, etc. You have to be smart enough when you are deciding a name for your photography business. Some of the catchy photography business name ideas are as follows-

Some of the catchy photography business name ideas are as follows-

Flutter Me Shutters Photography

Shutter Up

The Ultimate look photography

Delighted Pics

Imagix Photo Studio

Impression Photography

vivid snaps

Prefect Capture

The People with the Lens

Lens Queen

Photo Phactory

Flawless Coral Photo Shoots

Foxy Silver Snapshots

The Picture Patch

Perfectly Posed Photo Studio

Moonlight Photography

Click And Shoot Studio

Photo Pick Studio

Picture Perfect Moment

Fade To Black Photographers

Ambient Portraiture

Bracketeers Photography


Lensation Picture Studio

The Artsy Lens

A Fine Portrait

A Lasting Impression

Nick with his Pic

Strike a Pose with the Masons

Dream Wedding Studios

Polka-Dots Studios

Pristine White Studios

Into the Wild Photo Shoots

Click and Blink with the Jackson

Shutters on the Members

Art And You In A Flash

Lens-bians Photography

Shutter surprise

 My tilted tripod

Happy filters

 X Apertures


Tilting perspective

Freeze the seconds

Grand Lens

Happy pixels

Grand Lens


A Fine Portrait

Digital Track Lab

 Click And Shoot Studio

Picture perfect 

New view

Awe exposure view

The smiley picture studio

Vibrant shades 

Click a world

Space snapshots

Unleash the creativity

Pose I done

Every click

Flashy Filters

Picture bay view

Shoot it yaar!  


Photography Company Name Suggestions-

Photography is an art and not everyone possesses this art so if you are holding it then make good use of this art and start your photography business by giving it an impressive and catchy name. Some fancy photography company names are as follows-


The white room photography

Duo exposures   

Picture bay view


Rare moment

Take a pic

Candy click


Square frame

Photo factory

Photo with tripod

Roger’s light photography


Second element pics

Focus tripod

 Twenty two seconds love

Frame fuchsia

Nick with pic

Lens reflex


Cute & Creative Photography Names-

There are many different names of photography and photographer names which are unique names for a photography business. We act as a photography business name generator.

Here a list of creative names for a photography business is given.

Special Moments Studio

In a Pinch Pictures

Moments Perfect Capture Event Lens Sensational

MakerCandid CapturesFlutter Me Shutters

The family Photography

Kiss the Bride Wedding Photography

Awesome Offspring Photography

Wedding Photography 

New View Photography

Photo Shoots Studios 


ClicksLensation Picture StudioLove

Mama’s Moments Photography

The Flash Me Photography

Captured Moments

Lensation Picture Studio

Keep That Smile Picture Studio

Natural Light Photography

Flutter Me Shutters Photography

Photo Phactory

The Picture Patch

Perfectly Posed Photo Studio

Frame Me Please Pictures

Honey-Lens Pictures

Zoomin’ Photos

Ambient Portraiture

Bracketeers Photography

The Lens-bians Photography

The Full Exposure Pictures

The Lens Queen

The Dark Room Portrait Studio

Laura’s Tilted Tripod

The Artsy Lens 

Strike a Pose Photo Studio

Just Shoot Me Photographs

“I Do” Photography

Mom & Pop Photo Shop

In The Moment Photography

Picture Perfect

Dream Photography

Events Studios

Celebration Photography Studio

With Love” Photography

Bright Diamond Studios

Lovestruck Photography

Baby Bee Photography

Heavenly Maternity Photography

Special Moments Studio

Sweet Baby Studio

Don’t Blink Photography

Reflect elements

Shutter’s moment

Curious caption

Merge memories

Own filters

Get it pics

Smiley snap

Tripod buddy


Foxy flash

Freeze the second


Splash work

Soulful Memories

Delighted Pics

Flashes with Scented Candles

Cool Kids Studios

All in the Family Photography

Fun Family Portraits

In a Pinch Pictures

Clicks Expert Camera In The Moment

Shots and The New Images

PhotoShop Styles And Poses Digital

Photos Heavenly Photography Superb

Clever Photography Studio Names

We will help you select the photography names not taken yet. A major photography names list here will assist you.

Family Photo session

Cool Kids Studios

The Open Studio

Friendly Photo session

Special Moments Studio Transformation

Galleries Friends Photo

Set All in the Family Trendy

Captures Hollywood Photo

Love struck Photography

Unique Snaps

Ideal Photo session

Wow Images

Victory Images

Idol Photo

Vows Pictures Personal Proofs Photo Pick Studio

Caption Perfect Photo

Portraits Picture Perfect Moment Candles

Photographers Bright Media Perfect

Click Ambient Portraiture  Belle

Photography Perfect Click Fade To Black

Photo Moments Remembered Bracketeers

Photography Super Lens One Cherished

You In A FlashYour First PhotoMoments

MadeLens-bians PhotographyZeus

Photo session Memory Makers Shutters on the Camera

MembersVenus PhotoMoment MakerArt And

The Wild Photo Shoots Themed Photo Memory

LaneClick and Blink with the JacksonsTurnkey

Camera Making Memories Pristine White

StudiosTeam Photoset Master The MomentInto

Wedding StudiosPortrait ProMaking

MemoriesPolka-Dots StudiosProfile

MasterMagical MomentsStrike a Pose with the Camera

MasonsPortrait SessionMake It SnappyDream

PhotosLucky LensCapture the MomentPolaroid

SessionLuxurious LensNick with his PicPortrait

LensesSublime Pearl SmilesPolaroid

Cheese Photo StudioPhoto UpLighted

ImpressionPhoto ExpertKeepsake KeepersWild

Image PhotographyPhotoProLens Of LightSay

Photographers Photo Artist Forever Photos

Fine PortraitPhoto ArtworksIn A FlashA Lasting

Photographer Flash Fiends Color Shot

Studio Party PhotosetFlash Parties Weddring

Photography Noir Photos Every Moment

MattersClick Studio CapturesParty

PhotosEvents RememberedHigh Click

CapturesSwim Snaps StudioNew Way

Ambient photography

 Zoomin moments

Moments of photography 

Soulful memory pixels

Natural moments

Well captured

Say Cheese Photo Studio

A Beautiful Self Portrait

Its All About Moments

Sublime Pearl Smiles

Lind Justin Photography

Flawless Coral Photo Shoots

Angelic Blossom Exposures

Click Studio Captures

Photo Pick Studio

Fade To Black Photographers

Refined Golden Captures

Camera Shot Photography

Color Shot Studio

Picture Perfect Moment.

Face Print Lab.

Click it

Photography Neo Photographer Creative

Camera Crew Shutter Up Love

Captain Picturesque Modern Photo Capture

You Shine Vivid Memories

Photo Photoset Capture Crew The Artsy Lens

Mr. Portrait Cherished Captures Pin Me Up

Magic Click And Shoot Studio Classic Shots

Photo Pros Moonlight Photography Classic

Studios Photo Pros Perfectly Posed Photo

PatchCute ImpressionsPicture

Studio Cute Galleries Photo Ready The Picture

PerfectFoxy Silver SnapshotsDawn

People with the Lens Emerald

Photography  Remembering

PhactoryDream PicturesPortrait ProsLens

Queen Elegance Captions Precious Moments

StudiosPleasing Portraits Flawless Coral Photo

ShootsDiva ShotsPortrait PosesPhoto

Celebration Photography Studio

Stylish Pics Studios

Cool photography business name ideas-

There are many clever photography names which are very cool. A list of creative photography names is given below.

Some cool photography business name ideas are as follows-

 lens queen

camera stop

The camera club

photo hub

smile, please

photo grid

picture perfect

 click time

photogenic you

we create

your memories

Shutters vivid snaps Flawless Images Serious

StudioGrand SnapsSnap Perfect Delighted

Photography Picturesque Aesthetic PhotoCliento

Shots Impression Photography Glam

Photography Picxellence Apollo

Photo Photography by furla studio Portraits And PosesArtwork

Pictures Single Flash Photography Imagix Photo

Photography Outstanding Studios Snazzy

PicsNovel Images Snap ServiceThe Ultimate look

SnapsIn a Pinch Pictures Passion StudiosStrike

A Pose Special Moments

Studio Perfect Shutters Timeless

Classics Celebration Photography

Studio Photogenic Timeless Tokens Stylish Pics

Studios Picsmania

StudiosPicture Delight Instant Photos Portrait

Simple Picture Star Adventure PhotoCean One

And Cakes StudioBlack-N-WhitePixel studio

Say Cheese Photo Studio

StudioBaby Photo Bliss eleven Quality PixelsBest

Photography Digital PhotographerMom & Pop

Photo Bride Wedding Photography  Star

Camera Mama’s Moments Snaps Celebrity

Moments Photographer three studio Rings

productions Smiles Photography Broadway

Photo Family Photography Smooth

Pictures Cartoon Photo Wedding

Photography Snap Captures Catchy

Pin Me Up Photography

Swim Snaps Studio

High Click Photography

Wedding Photographers

Color Shot Studio

Wild Image Photography

Capture the Moment

Sublime Pearl Smiles

Timeless Treasures Mayo

Unique photography business name ideas-

There are many creative photography names for Instagram and Facebook. The list is given below.Some fancy and unique photography business name ideas are as follows which you can keep for your new photography business-

portrait happiness

click for you

camera land

black and white studio

picture people

candids for you

spotted selfie

picture for you

the festival

Picture quest

Good photography business names-

There are many good names for the photography business. The photography studio names list is given below.       

competitive cameras

glamour shots

unique photo

picture people

 the camera club

let’s make a memory

312 elements

chocolate photography

 flash-frozen photography

wedding time.

Photography requires investment. Investment in purchasing the camera, purchasing gears. Although the investment is big huge if you start working well than earning profits will not be a tough task.

Once you open up a photography business you can expand your business further in fields of photo framing, keyring designing, phone cover printing, etc. Expanding business will help you earn more profits further in the future.

After going through the various names and ideas which you can give it to your photography business you can easily select a name for your photography business.

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  2. Nice work Shashank, that’s a lot of ideas to work from! The first step in your list is so important: mapping out the different words and phrases from photography so you can see how they might fit together. Then you can come up with creative names using relevant words.


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