80 Creative Names to Kick-start your Photography Business

Unique Names to Kick-start your Photography Business

Who does not like to reserve their memories for a look over them in the future? Who does not like to capture some beautiful moments in a frame and go through them when you are missing someone or some particular occasion? This reserving of moments is possibly only by way of pictures. The trend of clicking selfies and groupfies is increasing day by day because of the improvised technologies which we are getting today in our cell phones itself.So if i take it as a whole we all like clicking photos and making different memories. More than that we like if someone else is clicking our photos and thus is handling the photography department and than there arises the need of a cameraman.

So if you are the one who has great expertise in photography and than you can start up your own photography business. Yes, today the field of photography is running into a huge profits but that is possible only when you have good experience in this field. When you are starting up with your photography business you need a professional camera and other tools required for the photography session. When you are landing into this business of yours you definitely need to keep up a name for your business.The name should be impressive enough and catchy also so that people remember it for other occasions as well. Keeping up a name is difficult task indeed so to make your task easy we provide you with certain tips to name your own photography business.


  1. Make use of your brainstorming skills- You should use humor to decide a particular name. You will have to think a lot that what name could be kept which has a pinch of sense and creativity in itself.
  2. Make use of your own name- As you are the owner and whole sole worker of the business you can also use your name and name your business. The customers of your should know that who you are.
  3. Make use of rhyming word- Rhyming words are always good to work with. You can effectively make use of rhyming words and thus can name your photography business.
  4. Avoid using technical words- You are not keeping a name for a technician or any high dignatory. You are keeping a name for a common man and so you should avoid using jargons or some technical words. Doing so will lend you up in trouble as people will not understand that what kind of business you own.
  5. Keep up a name based upon your specialized area- It is not necessary that you may be specialized in each and every area. You may be good in wedding shoots so you can name your photography business based on it.
  6. Use common sense- In a world full of competition you will have to make a smart move and thus pick up a sensible name.

photography studio names

Photography Business Name Ideas-

Photography has its own department which captures various areas it involves wedding shoots, pre wedding shoots,child photography, modelling photo shoot etc.You have to be smart enough when you are deciding a name for your photography business. Some of the catchy photography business name ideas are as follows-

  • Shutter surprise
  • My tilted tripod
  • Happy filters
  • X Apertures
  • Photopedia
  • Tilting perspective
  • Freeze the seconds
  • Adorable tripod
  • Happy pixels
  • Grand Lens
  • Snapperly
  • A Fine Portrait
  • Digital Track Lab
  • Click And Shoot Studio
  • Picture perfect
  • New view
  • Awe exposure view
  • The smiley picture studio
  • Vibrant shades
  • Click a world
  • Lavender pics
  • Space snapshots
  • Unleash the creativity
  • Pose I done
  • Every click
  • Flashy Filters
  • Photo Tarantulas
  • Picture bay view
  • Shoot it yaar!

Photography Company Name Suggestions-

Photography is an art and not everyone possess this art so if you are holding it than make a good use of this art and start your photography business by giving it an impressive and catchy name. Some fancy photography company names are as follows-

  • Photamora
  • The white room photography
  • Lensking
  • Square frame
  • Photo factory
  • Photo with tripod
  • Roger’s light photography
  • Kaptured
  • Focus tripod
  • Lens reflex
  • Nick with pic
  • Frame fuchsia
  • Twenty two seconds love
  • Second element pics
  • Candy click
  • Take a pi
  • Stopcam
  • Rare moments
  • Picture bay view
  • Duo exposures

Cute & Creative Photography Names-

Some cute and creative photography name for your new photography business are as follows-

  • Reflect elements
  • Shutter’s moment
  • Curious caption
  • Merge memories
  • Own filters
  • Get it pics
  • Smiley snap
  • Tripod buddy
  • Photoberry
  • Foxy flash
  • Freeze the second
  • Opensky
  • Splash work
  • Soulful Memories
  • Delighted Pics
  • Flashes with Scented Candles

Clever Photography Studio Names

  • Ambient photography
  • Zoomin moments
  • Moments photography
  • Soulful memory pixels
  • Natural moments
  • Well captured
  • Say Cheese Photo Studio
  • A Beautiful Self Portrait
  • Its All About Moments
  • Sublime Pearl Smiles
  • Lind Justin Photography
  • Flawless Coral Photo Shoots
  • Angelic Blossom Exposures
  • Click Studio Captures
  • Photo Pick Studio
  • Fade To Black Photographers
  • Refined Golden Captures
  • Camera Shot Photography
  • Color Shot Studio
  • Picture Perfect Moment.
  • Face Print Lab.
  • Click it

Cool photography business name ideas-

Some cool photography business name ideas are as follows-

  • lens queen
  • camera stop
  • the camera club
  • photo hub
  • smile please
  • photo grid
  • picture perfect
  • click time
  • photogenic you
  • we create
  • your memories

Unique photography business name ideas-

Some fancy and unique photography business name ideas are as follows which you cnaan keep for your new photography business-

  • portrait happiness
  • click for you
  • camera land
  • black and white studio
  • picture people
  • candids for you
  • spotted selfie
  • picture for you
  • festiva
  • picture quest

Good photography business names-

  • competitive cameras
  • glamour shots
  • unique photo
  • picture people
  • the camera club
  • 312 elements
  • chocolate photography
  • lets make a memory
  • flash frozen photography
  • wedding time.

Photography requires investment. Investment in purchasing camera, purchasing gears. Although the investment is big huge but if you start working good than earning profits will not be a tough task. Once you open up  a photography business you can expand your business further in fields of photo framing, keyring designing, phone cover printing etc. Expanding business will help you earn more of profits further in future. After going through the various names and ideas which you can give it to your photography business you can easy select a name for your photography business.

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