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Facebook is a world’s number one social media networking website and application. We all have an account on this and many of us spent our most of the time on it.  Nowadays mostly teenagers and children wish to make their profile luring to others. They use eye-catching usernames in their Facebook account just to amaze and to increase their admirers. As names reflect your nature, culture, heritage and the decade in which you are born, so picking a good username for Facebook is chief.

Tips for keeping good Facebook names:

  • The former thing while selecting your Facebook username is determining what you want to do with your Facebook account. Whether it is a professional id or it’s a peculiar one you should be very specific to that.
  • If you are generating a business account you may want to embrace the name of a business, the type of business, the location of the business and industry keywords.
  • After this, try collaborating up the elements to see which combination looks more appropriate. You may want something which may look elegant while typing it, easy to summon up and sounds noble when said out loud.
  • Being unique is another way to get your account to standout. The more unique your Facebook name easier will be to find it. The best to do is use your company if you’ve already got it.

What not to do:

  • Do not use underscores
  • Don’t copy someone else’s username
  • Do not make it long

Creative Facebook names: Creativity is boundless and every opportunity is good to express something with it. When you want to become a member of social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. it needs an exclusive identification name. So there are some people who are not fond of their names so they come up with something cooler and different ideas. Hence they are eyeing for ideas which sound hipper and feel more exclusive, personal and comfortable as compared to their actual names.

KristyHoney Shimmer
BubblySnowflake Sugar
AngelicPrincessKristy Blossom
BabyKristyButterfly Glimmer
Cherub Dimples
Sprinkles Honeycomb
Sparkles Teen rose
Bubbles Big Ben
Doom Sinister
Apple Honey-pie Internet princess
Far Racer Silypie
Mike Adamle Beautiful doll
Roxrite Battel doom
Nice breeze Twister
Rainbow pearls Happy jock
Love Donor Penguin doll
Crimson pain Butter scotch
Green core Short circuit
Crazy Bosky
Country gal Top command
Night dreamer Lolly
Princess rule The undertaker
Cupcakes rock Crazy eights
Pogue Diamond girl
Peace dude Flying mouse
Dark horse Rose catcher
Honey cake dumpling Mindless bob cat
Baby base Gamer tales
Pink Brilliant babe
Brownie Ender female
Elegant splendor Virus forever
Butter cup Foxer
Smilee love Twinkie star
Dolly dangerous Bronze gamer
Star belt Scrapper
Deadline dork Clumsy
Breakup master Speedy Astro
Captain Peach
Born2pizza Racer hell
Freak bad Skull crusher
Never old enough Seeker
Swag football Angry eagle
Jelly Kitty cute
Eye roller Moon maker


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Cool name for Facebook profile: Cool names almost became a necessity of today’s society. A cool name can raise your status on a social site whereas poor one can become a laughingstock. A cool name is frequently and widely used in both platonic and romantic relationship. So this article is a solid list of cool names. After penetrating a lot on the internet we have collected lots of cool names for a Facebook profile.

Papa Smurf Pepper legs
Accidental genius Pluto
Houston Pinball wizard
Jigsaw Alpha
Jokers grin Pusher
Junkyard dog Pyscho Thinker
Road block Key stone
Beetle king Bowie
Broom spun Screw Tape
Cabble Lady killer
Bearded angler Shadow Chaser
Sherwood gladiator Liquid
Captain peroxide Little Cobra
Skull crusher Sky bully
Lord Nikon Slow trot
Sugar man Spider
Snake eyes Marshmallow
Midnight Rambler Tackle box
Mad rascal Marbles
Snow Hound Criss Cross
Dancing Madman Cool whip
Commando Chocolate Thunder
Dangle Mad Jack
Cereal Killer Mr. Peppermint
Mr. Spy Toe
Murmur Mud Mie Man
Tough Nut Natural Mess
Drop Stone Skinner
Turnip King Washer
Fast Draw Flakes
Freak Gas Man
Easy Sweep Dredd
Old Man Winter Grave Digger
Vortex Oreo
Highlander monk Onion king
Margarita Nola
Tweety Twinkle
Bleachers Star Jammer
Indigo red Fire Cracker
Muffin Metal Lady
Innocent ghost Star Killer
Flashpoint Shady Lady
Frosty Jersey
Wild Hair Morbid Angel
Sleek Assassin Lady Fantastic
Chameleon Wildcat
Classy Dancer Lady Pomegranate


Best Name for Facebook Profile: Finishing your Facebook profile can be deliberated as an art form and referred to as an “online persona creation”. Often time, people just start approaching you by looking or listening to your names. As a name is a collection of characteristics that people look at to gauge our personalities.  We know that it’s hard to find the best name for the Facebook profile names list on the internet but we have tried our level best to fulfill your desire with this post. Enlisting some of the names:-

Badshah Mr. Akela
Terminator Heart Robber
Lover Boy Alone in Million
Hell Boy Beauty Queen
Charming Prince Crazy Princess
Unknown Boy Spicy Girl
Mr. Perfect Daddy Princess
Heart Hacker Glossy
Kudi Smoker
Baby Doll Game Lover
Bebo Verified Kameena
Dream Girl Mr. Devil
Alone Lover Ek villain
Evil Attitude Style Barbie
Chocolate Boy Cute Bachi
Heartless Innocent Princess
Mumma’s Boy Heart Broken
Mr. Cool Ladki Beautiful


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  • It is imperative to preserve a list of all your usernames and passwords in case you forget them or need to change them.
  • Include your habits and hobbies as a part of your creative name.
  • Making a list of your likes and dislikes can help you to come up with some creative and cool names.
  • Careful about using the word, it shouldn’t be vulgar.
  • Don’t change your name frequently or it leads to misperception.

Conclusion: – When it comes to sculpting your Facebook profile name, make sure that you choose the best name as it is going to tell about your personality too. As social media becomes more woven into our daily collaborations, people will relate us more on an online level. So this article provides you a lot of CREATIVE, COOL and BEST usernames for your Facebook profile. As people are going crazy about a social site they keep on changing their profiles and themes to lure and attract the people. So this editorial gives you a chance to choose your names according to your wish.


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