If you take a good look around, you will be surprised to see the sheer variety of business that is running in full glory in society today. If you wish to start a business, all you need to do is put your working knowledge to use and invest to that end.

While boutique business operations run on the principle of monopoly or to some extent oligopoly,  carpentry business is not the same. There is stiff competition in the woodwork market. In fact, there are many good brands in the market, fighting to grab the attention of the target customers.

For many, woodwork is just a hobby, some develop the fine sense of aesthetics in the craft owing to the importance of this class especially in high school. So, if you are looking to turn this knack and zeal of yours into a profitable business, then you have to come up with a working plan to launch your startup.

While starting this business, first you have to consider a few woodworking business names. This is where it gets a bit tough. The sheer magnitude of options for woodwork shop names makes it very confusing to come up with an ideal name.

But the naming process of the business is very crucial. You have to come up with unique woodwork names if you want to grab the attention of your customers.

To keep the naming process simple, let’s take a look into the characteristics of a good company name:

Characteristics Of Good Woodshop Names:

Short and Easy:

This is very essential. If you have a yard long business name, people will find it extremely difficult to remember it. Ideally, wood furniture business names should be short and easy to recall. This is one business that runs on word of mouth. You want more and more people to know about your business. If you have a huge company name, or a confusing name, most people will fail to convey the name properly to others.

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Avoid Using A name Linked To A Location:

Often small businesses or startups name the company based on the location that it operates in. There is nothing wrong with following this approach. However, problems may arise when you expand your scale of operations. Imagine a company named LA Furniture running a shop in NYC!

Stay Clear From Narrow Names:

Always name your business with the thought of expansion in mind. You may just choose a name right away. But it may not fit your bill when you expand your business in the future. In that light, select a name that does not restrict the scope of your business in the days to come.

Don’t Get Too Fancy:

It is a good idea to take inspiration from your competitors. In fact, it is advisable to be aware of the things they are trying and model your business plan to overcome the mistakes and failures they are facing. But it would be a wrong call to use similar names like your competitors.  The idea of a business name is to create a sense of individuality. Using a borrowed company name kills that essence, and thus it should be avoided.

Personal Touch:

Many people use their name as their business name. For instance, Ford. Henry Food did not become famous in a day, he gradually became popular, in fact famous. Thus, his customers found it easier to connect his brand name to him, thereby raising his business quotes.

Great, with all those points, covered let’s look into a few wood business names that you can make use of:

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Woodworking Business Names

Wood Crafters Wood Wizard Jamie’s Woodworks The Woden Cart Powered Wood
Wood as you like Touchwood Furniture Forest Timberlake! Wolverine Wood
The Wooden Tribe Wood Clan Seven Tree Forest Fashion Woodworks Wood Addict
Wood Addicts The Woodburn  The Stylish Chair Timbering Forest Rangers
Wood Wine The Palm Wood Out In The Forest Hard Wood Crack Wooden Gump
The Wood Lovers Woody Wood Herb The Wooden herd Woodex
Crafted With Wood and Care Lumber Style Green-Wood Wooden Love Wooding Fashion
Wood Story Fashionable Wood Wooden Affair Woodasker Who said Wood?

Unique Woodwork Names:

As mentioned earlier, the primary idea of a business name is to attract customers with a unique and smart name. Of course, the quality of your products and customer service will take you a long way, but you have to be rememberable by your business name.

So here are a few names that you can use as inspiration. Note that few of these names might already be taken, so please check the availability before you make your choice.

Tilman Company All About Woods Prince’s Workshop PresWood Four Seasons Carpenter
Antique Making 360 Degree Carpenter Edge of Work A Notch Above Ace Woodworks
Go Along Grain Everything In Sawdust Lumberjacks Cutting Edge All For Grian
Modern Furniture Put To Work The Secret House All Edge Fine Cuts
The Wood King Woodland Craft Everything On Wood Alan In Woodland! Woodland Creatures
We Know All About Wood Master Of Wood Simply Saw Mountain Process What You Saw
Wood Love Artful Cuts Customized Wood Work Saw It All Customized Wooden Work
Fresh From The Tree Tree of Life Love of Green Cabinet King Customized Studio Style
Ebony Magic Oakbark WoodMan Royal Wardrobe Mrs.Marple
Woody Delight Wood shaper Awesome Dawson! Haute Mahogany Mr. Woodman
I Am Groot Iron Tree Driftwood The Big Fern Blackwood Caven
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Woodworking Company Names 

Mr. Treeman Pinnochio’s Nest After Cut Oak Town Wood Angel
Cut and Match Boutique Wood Wooden World Chic Cabinetry And Closets Craft and Wood
Woodanoiya Chain and Saw Woodle Doodle Atlaswood Woolish Wood
TreeHouse Wood Ghost Baker Wood Beverly Hills Furniture Skilled Woodmakers
Pent Wood Blue Sky Wood Door Wooden Doormat Spring Woodster Cabinets and More
Woody Wonka Tree Paradice Wooden Elements The Carpenter’s Haven CarpentryWorld

There you go guys, the wooden company names that are sure to get you drooling. So pick out one that suits your needs! All the best!


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