Do you use GoPro? Love adventures? You’re on the right page!

People love adventure trips and luxury holidays! With the help of the latest developments in technology, it is possible to capture all these moments with the highest quality. Shooting yourself with a 13,000-foot skydiving or diving in deep water with 4K quality sounds like an adventure! One of the most widely used devices for capturing videos on 4K is GoPro. You can record videos in extreme conditions and underwater!

By using this device, you can record raw images in 4K quality. However, you need software to convert this raw material into a finished video. There are many reasons why you might need software to edit and process your 4K video.

Some of the reasons are:

– Video is unstable and needs stabilization.
– The recorded video is too large and, therefore, cannot be shared easily.
– You may need to combine several videos to maintain video continuity.

Now that we know the importance of a video editor, let’s look at VideoProc, which is easy video editing software from GoPro.

VideoProc features include:

Video Stabilization – Because most adventure videos recorded on GoPro are captured while moving, such as when you practice sports or travel by vehicle, the recorded video is unstable even though GoPros is equipped with a stabilizer. This is where VideoProc enters the location.

Change Video Size – When you record 4K videos with your GoPro, the video size is huge! For example, 4K video recording @ 30fps 60 seconds with GoPro HERO4 will occupy almost 493MB of storage space. This is a problem if you want to share your videos on any platform, because files that large cannot be easily transferred! But, you can change the size of your 4K video using VideoProc.

GoPro video editing: Cut – You can edit your GoPro 4K video and shorten its length by cutting segments, but that doesn’t matter.

GoPro Video Editing: Usually, people record all videos in one go. However, there may be cases where you record videos in several parts. In such situations, you must combine all of these video clips to make a complete video. You can do this using the VideoProc combination function.

Easy to use – The GoPro video editing software user interface is easy to understand. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to use this software. In addition, the final video is free of errors without freezing or jamming!

Fast – This video stabilization software is equipped with Intel GPU, AMD and NVIDIA, which assist in GoPro 4K Video Editing. in the most smooth way! In addition, video quality after processing in VideoProc software is not interrupted.

These are some of the features of the VideoProc software, which makes VideoProc one of the best GoPro 4K video editors to fix unstable videos, resize videos, etc. Hopefully, this article is able to provide new information for you. Thank you for your time.


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