What You Should Expect from a VIP Online Casino Experience


Everyone knows that money talks in places like Las Vegas. If you flash a bit of cash, all types of doors will open for you and lead to unexpected places. In short, if you spend money – lots of money – you expect some free stuff to be thrown in as a sweetener.

Online casinos, of course, have a certain logistical difference when it comes to offering the perks of a high roller. After all, it’s not as if they can upgrade your suite for the night if you are playing from the comforts of your own home. Yet, there are plenty of online casinos who tout VIP membership. And, what’s on offer might just surprise you.

To start, you should be aware that top casinos will have a formalized set of rules for VIP membership. You can see an example of that at www.casino.com/vip, which shows the kind of perks big money players can expect. Essentially, the formalized format means that the VIP experience is, more or less, set out for the players: Spend X amount of money, and you will get Y in perks.

VIP Account Managers and Bigger Bonuses

 So, what sort of perks can you receive? Well, for a start the overall conditions are usually better. That means you get bigger bonuses as a matter of course, but the terms around those bonuses are usually much better, i.e. the wagering requirements can be much less prohibitive. There is also the important matter of cashback, which can work in a similar way to Rakeback in a high-stakes poker room – almost like revenue share.  

A personal account manager is usually given to the top VIP accounts. This is useful for a number of reasons: They can give you a heads up when special tournaments and tables are open; they can look after your deposits and withdrawals (VIPs get larger deposit limits and faster withdrawals); they can even provide special bonuses at your request. These guys are like a concierge at a top Vegas resort, pulling the strings for you behind the scenes.

Money Can’t Buy Events and Luxury Gifts

Most of the stuff we mentioned so far is fine, as such, but there is also a more exciting world of luxury gifts and experiences on offer. For instance, consider that betting and gaming companies are heavily involved with the sponsorship of the FA Premier League. Many VIP casino players, therefore, get invited to the games with special privileges and access as standard. But it’s not just the football – Grand Prix races, big boxing matches, music concerts are all available.

The question, then, is how do you become a VIP player? It does involve spending a bit of cash, of course. The example of casino.com above sees VIP membership awarded when you have deposited £2,000 or more and accrued 20,000 loyalty points.  For the Elite VIP, it’s £16K in accumulative deposits and 50,000 loyalty points.

Of course, those figures might be outside of the price range for many of us, but it’s not altogether unattainable for those who have the means. We would obviously counsel that you only pursue the VIP route if you have the means to afford it. However, it’s also worth noting that top online casinos will have loyalty schemes for all levels. So, if you only spend a few quid here and there, check out the loyalty pages to see if you are due a reward to two.


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