When you are making a dating site name, there are things that you should do and things that you should absolutely not do. Some of the important things to do are make a site name that explains the site’s purpose and is going to be available for social media. However, sometimes the things that you don’t want to do are just as important to keep in mind. This brief list of dating site naming advice is going to demonstrate simple things that a developer should never use in their domain name.

Promises of Any Sort

There are a lot of sites that want to make promises to their members in terms of the dates that they could have when they come to the site. You might not consider the words “now” or “tonight” to be promising, but when you put those words in a dating site, the clients might take it that way. If they come to your site, sign up, and don’t have instant dates, they are going to be disappointed, to say the least. They might even back out of the dating site for not following through on what they perceived as a promise. Instead, make sure that you ease off the promises and focus on making the site name attractive in other ways.

Bad Language

Have you ever heard an argument that was improved by copious amounts of curse words? Sure, it might make your site sounds “hardcore”, but the gimmick wears off if you are telling someone about the dating site that you are using. While there are hookup dating sites that can get away with some risqué language, you only want to push the boundaries so far. If you find yourself using language that would not be present in a PG-13 movie, then it’s time for you to stop and reconsider the site name.

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Long Words

Another thing to consider when you are making an online dating website name is to leave out any really long words. Nobody wants to type more than seven to ten letters in a single word to get to a dating site. If you look at some of the most popular dating site names out there, you will mostly find that they have short words in them or are entirely short on their own. People want to go to site names that they can rapidly type into their phone or computer to check their profile.


The last thing to keep in mind for what you should not do when naming a site is placing hyphens in the name. Hyphens have two inherent problems with them. First off, they can create a problem when your clients are typing in the site name. They might forget the hyphen and never find their way to your site at all. Also, any kind of special characters makes your site appear less original to the customers that are choosing to come to your site. Leave out the hyphens even if you have to add a different word to your site name- your customers will thank you for it.

It’s easy to fall prey to some of the things that make dating site names bad. You might feel the urge to promise your potential visitors successor to make your site name stand out by using some inappropriate language. However, the fact is that those ideas and others are all detrimental to the overall dating site. When you keep them in mind while you are working on a site name, you will have fewer ideas, but the title you create for your site will be more impactful and better-received by your clients, which is of the utmost importance.

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