What to consider when removing a Tattoo


Tattoos can be very stubborn. And people who have had a tattoo job done on their body know how hard it can get to get a tattoo removed. We agree that it is difficult to remove them but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Removing a tattoo is not an easy task but it is very much possible to get rid of them considering a few options.

How to get your tattoo removed effectively?

With the right method and expert to carry it out the tattoo removal procedure can be very simple and easy. Removing a tattoo can take a few hours and you need to follow a proper procedure to get the removal of your tattoo. You have to go through various steps to get a tattoo removed from your body

Steps for Tattoo removal

The first step is to sign a tattoo removal patient or consent form. This form is a sign that you have been informed about your procedure, its risks, and its benefits. This is an important step which the tattoo removal organizations ask for because they need to be assured that they wouldn’t be responsible for any problems that you face afterward. The agreement has all the possible details of the procedure and all the benefits and side effects are mentioned in detail. When you sign the agreement you can’t hold the tattoo removal shop if you face any side effects. This form is confidential between the patient and the specialist and no third party is involved in the agreement procedure. It gives the specialist official permission to perform the tattoo treatment process on the patient. After signing the tattoo removal form, you are now free to proceed to the other steps of tattoo removal. This is a basic step and if you don’t sign on the agreement no tattoo shop in the world would proceed with the treatment.

The procedure of the tattoo removal

When removing a tattoo using the laser method, the ink is broken down into small particles that the body’s immune system can remove with time. The laser method usually focuses on the ink tattoo only and not the surrounding skin so your skin is safe. After the light has broken down the ink, the body now starts to work on the remaining ink. It might take a while before the tattoo is completely faded so you have to be a little patient because the process can take a little time.

How many sessions do you need to get the process done?

The number of sittings and sessions you require for the procedure depends on the kind of tattoo you have. Different tattoos often require a different number of treatments so giving a general statement isn’t possible. When using laser treatment, it is recommended to space the sessions at least 6 to 8 weeks to allow for the fading to occur. 6 to 8 weeks time is required to get the tattoos faded and it can also take more time if your tattoo isn’t going away. After a maximum of 8 visits or after a period of 8 months you will realize that your tattoo is faded or might not even be there. However, 4 treatments are recommended as too many of them may cause injury to the skin. So it is best that you keep a track of your skin condition before planning out your next session. There are some things to avoid during the treatment process and they include smoking, sun, and alcohol. These things can disrupt the process so it is best to stay away from these three things during your treatment.


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