What Can You Expect from Working As a Writer?


Many people do not have a clear idea of what being a writer really means. When common people think of writers, they think of essayists and novelists. But the truth is, there are many more options. There are many types of freelance writing jobs, and people with average writing skills are doing just fine. The role of a writer may be that of a technical writer, editor, magazine writer, news reporter, social media manager or blogger.

That means you do not need to be the next William Faulkner to earn a living out of words. The proliferation of websites has created a lot of opportunities for people who love words, and you can easily start your freelance writing career if you have a way with words. In this post, we will show you what you can expect working as a writer. Here are a few common roles, and some of the roles will suit you.


In order to be a good editor, you have to be a good wordsmith. If you want to work as an editor, you are expected to be skilled in developing a clear and comprehensive copy. Editors, however, neither come up with ideas nor write the content by themselves. Instead, they delegate the tasks to a group of writers and then refine the work. They show content writers what to write and how to write. Learn about different types of editors, and you will have a clear idea of what editors do.

Editors can work in different types of companies and industries. Magazine editors are the most well-known editors. However, there are many highly paid blog editors.

You do not necessarily need to have a particular degree to become an editor, but a B.A. degree in journalism, media or communications will help you get a job.

Technical writer

You will do well as a technical writer if you like expressing complex ideas in plain English. The tasks of technical wordsmiths include preparing documentation, how-to-guides, instruction manuals, and other materials. Many talented writers work in this field. These tasks may not sound nice, but you will certainly enjoy them if you are interested in web design, science, engineering, and other technical fields.  

Technical writers can work in a lot of fields. In the coming years, technical writers will be highly in demand. The Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that by 2024, the demand will increase by 10%. If you consider all occupations, this growth is faster than average. Technical writers also work for professional writing services like samedaypapers.com. Many students hire these writers to get their academic papers written.

You need a college degree to become a technical writer. You will be more likely to get hired if you have familiarity with technical subjects.

Magazine Writer

Contrary to popular belief, a magazine writer can take many different paths. In most cases, magazine writers take the traditional path. The produce stories for magazines on a regular basis. But if you work for an online magazine, you can write up to three articles per day. That means, in general, writer of online magazines writes more often.

You can write for lifestyle or fashion publications, but there are many other options, and those options can be lucrative, too. From medicine to science to humor politics—every niche has magazines.

The world of magazine journalism is competitive, and you will have to work hard to get jobs, at least when you are trying to land your first job.

News reporter

You will do fairly well as a news reporter if you love digging into details and arranging words. There are a lot of good things about writing for a news outlet. This field is dynamic and fast-paced. If you work as a news reporter, you will be able to travel to interesting places and interview interesting people. If you do some research, you will figure out where to work as a news reporter.

There is another thing to consider about this job: it is not a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes, to finish up a story, you will have to stay late. You will find it easier to get a job if you have a journalism degree. This field requires hard work and some degree of talent.

Social media manager

Social media has now become a very effective way to market a business. Many businesses are now using social networks and hiring professionals to manage the networks. Businesses are now using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Quora etc. This article explains what it means to be a social media manager.

But you also have to keep in mind that this career path is not traditional. The role of a social media manager is to maintain profiles. If you have some experience working on social media, you will easily get a job.


Many wordsmiths these days work as individual bloggers. But if you want to become a blogger, you have to keep in mind that blogging is a very competitive field now. Even many talented bloggers now fail to pay all of their bills.

But there are other ways to thrive in this field. You can write to third parties. For example, you can write blog posts for software companies, recruiting firms and cosmetics brands.

It is true that you will not become famous for writing blog posts for different companies, but this job will greatly help you develop your writing skills.

So, being a writer does not necessarily mean writing novels, short stories and poems. If you want to work in this field, there are many opportunities for you. Some people want to become writers but lack creativity. Bad days are over for those people. Now you can make a living writing low-quality content. That said, writing has always been a challenging profession, and writers in the digital age also have to face those challenges. With some exceptions, writers have to struggle to make a living. You can become a wordsmith only when you are prepared to face those challenges. But for an average young person willing to become a writer, this is a fairly good time.

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