Ways To Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption


As global fuel consumption rate increases, the fuel prices increases. This is not only a concern of hikes in fuel prices but the damage fuel consumption is doing to the environment. Till the people take this situation seriously, the fuel will continue to sell any car on the road is extra damage to the environment. Higher fuel consumptions weigh high on your pockets. You may have thought many times to sell your car to reduce monthly expenditures.  But with some little changes to your driving habits, you can reduce your car’s fuel consumption. Here are some tips on how to drive and maintain your car to let you save extra pennies:

  • Limit Your Driving:

The easiest way to reduce your car’s fuel consumption is to use your car less. Only use the car for long distances or when you really need to. It is better to walk or ride a bicycle if you are going to the neighborhood or just a few blocks away. It will not only save money on fuel but will keep you healthy too.

  • Switch Off The Engine While Idling: 

Whenever your car’s engine is on but it’s not moving, the fuel is getting waste. So it’s better to switch off the engine whenever your car is going to be idle for a while or more than a minute.

  • Keep The Gas Cap Tightly Closed: 

It is often seen that the gas keeps getting evaporated because the gas cap is not closed properly. Always triple check the gas cap to make sure there is no leakage. This trick can save a car. You must sell any car that can get you in unexpected accidents.

  • Drive Steadily:

Whenever the car accelerates, it consumes more fuel. Cars don’t need much gas to keep on moving. Thus try to drive steadily all the times maintaining the speed limit constantly. Remember if you have the habit to keep giving extra pressure on your accelerator, then you are straining your pockets on your own. Make sure that your car is in good shape and if not then sell Any car which goes through constant speed shift needs more maintenance and is prone to accidents.

  • Go With Aerodynamic:

You can try removing any extra items from your car and make it lightweight as it can help consume fuel. You can also remove the roof racks and extra unrelated items from the back seat. Remember to keep windows closed if you are driving above 35 kmph as it helps create wind resistance for your car and improve fuel consumption.

  • Car Maintenance:

Always use the AC in moderate mode. Also, it is better to keep AC on than windows opened. Keep your air filters in check as dirty air filters result in fuel wastage. Change air filters when required to keep your engine’s working smooth. Maintain the air pressure level of your tires according to the car’s manual because if your tires are not inflated properly, it will waste fuel up to 5%. Sell your car if you think it has reached its limit because if not, then it will consume more fuel. Amongst every solution, the best way to reduce your car’s fuel consumption is to stop using it and sell your car in the secondhand market. But if you are happy with your car, then make your car happy too by changing your driving habits a little.


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