One thing that we all dread and will agree, that it causes much of despise and uneasiness in our homes; is the unwanted presence of mice and rodents. Being one of the most annoying forms of pests, rodents can cause a great deal of nuisance in your home, if not dealt immediately and properly. Rodents create nuisance by not only nabbing your clothes and eating your food, they also at times can become a disease carrier pest. To get rid of them at times can get difficult, as they are known to be good at being elusive.

It could be possible that you are not comfortable with the thought of hiring an exterminator, but you can opt for the next best option available, which is to get Victor Pestchaser.

Let’s find out if this device is worth having than opposed to an exterminator in these Victor Pest Facts:

The working module of Victor Pestchaser:

Victor Pestchaser is a successful device in helping rodents and mice away from your home. It simply works by emitting non repetitive high frequency sound waves at an 80 oscillations per second. This frequency is not audible to human years but can work as a jackhammer to the ears of rodents and mice. The plus point is that it’s completely safe for your pets like cat, dogs and rats.

Device Structure:

The device structure of Victor Pestchaser is not designed very big in size. It is a minute device, with measuring statistics like 4×6.6×9.8 inches and has a feather like weight at 1.5lbs. Do not go by the device’s size, its designed to cover big hall rooms in your home which also includes kitchen, garage, attic and basement.

You would be able to see its best results within 6-10 days depending upon the severity and frequency of rodent infestation in your home. An LED that flashes, will help you understand that the device is working properly, since the sound it emits is not audible to human ears.

The device is said to last for 7 years, but some of the testimonials from clients claim that the device can last much longer than this period.

Pros of Victor Pestchaser:

  • No installation setup is required
  • The pricing cost is nominal and can be purchased at a fair price
  • No damage to human ears. Works on a frequency that is inaudible to human ears, but audible to rodents
  • With its only 6 foot cord, the placement of the device is easy and handy
  • Being a lightweight device, it’s easy to carry anywhere with its compact size
  • Safe for kids and pets (non rodents)
  • Good durability that can last for more than a year
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Is safe and works by providing a non- toxic approach to deal with rodent infestation

Now, let’s get on to the cons of Victor Pestchaser Review:

Cons of Victor Pestchaser:

  • It may take time to show best results. It varies on the rodent infestation severity as well
  • There’s no such guarantee that it will make your home rodents and mice free
  • According to clients review, it emits a faint buzzing sound that sometimes acts as irritating and annoying to the human ears
  • Average Performance
  • The product works on giving 50/50 as its overall best effectiveness

Conclusion of Victor Pestcahser Review:

This device is highly recommended and is beneficial to those homeowners who are struggling to find ways to get rid of rodents and also to those who don’t want to resort on trying poison or baits as an alternative to the rats. Considering the fact that it’s priced at a nominal rate, it is a viable option and worth purchasing. Also, there is no need of assembling and installing the device. The device is also very low maintenance and this makes it a low risk investment.

To summarise, Victor Pestchaser is really worth giving a try. There would be no installing problems, all you have to do is to plug in the device and the mice will be repelled with its emission of high frequency sound waves. It is also safe for human ears, as the frequency of sound wave it emits is not audible to the human ears.


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