Ultimate List of Best Magento Extensions & Plugins For Ecommerce


When you run an e-commerce business, you want to make use of the available extensions and plugins to improve its performance. E-commerce store owners have a hard time figuring out which tools to use to improve the functionality of their websites. This decision gets tougher as there are hundreds of extensions and plugins to choose from. Most of your marketing efforts don’t help with without the right tools. 

You need to find quality extensions and plugins for your Magento 2 platform. But you don’t want to spend hours searching for the best ones. The trouble is there are plenty of high-quality ones to choose from. This short and handy guide will provide you with some of the best extensions that make it easier to manage your website. 

Google Shopping

Google has partnered up with Magento on a wide variety of extensions. The latest one is Google Shopping, a PPC product ad service that makes it easy to display ads in Google search results. Whenever a consumer search for a certain product on Google, your product advertisement will show up in the results. It also includes product information such as online reviews which are relevant to your target audience. There are several Magento extensions that help you sell on Google Shopping, such as Google Shopping Feed and Google Shopping Feed Generator.

Daily Deals Extension

The Daily Deals extension allows you to create and manage deals on your online store within a snap. This extension has an interactive countdown that shows how long your customers have to shop before the deal expires. This leads to customer anxiety and decreases shopping cart abandonment. You can set a different level of urgency for each of your deals.

You can also review all of your deals, the previous day’s deals, or upcoming offers. This allows you to keep track and manage your deals easily and effectively. You also have complete control over the customization of each of your deals. You can customize the background color, display deals on the left or right sidebar, or set different time intervals. You can also highlight certain details to increase their appeal. 

Magento Multi-Vendor 

Do you have dreams of becoming the next Amazon? This dream can become real with Magento Multi-vendor. All you have to do is supply an online store and they will provide you with sellers to offer their products on it. You can view each of the seller’s product, and approve or disapprove them. You can also view your order history all in one place. 

This also benefits sellers since they can make their offers more appealing. They have complete control over the invoices, orders, payments, and product details. They also receive notifications when they receive a product. Your customers can view your seller’s profile, products, and stock availability. 

Ultimate SEO Suite

Plagiarized content is a huge problem for search engines and website owners. This often means that duplicate content has been found on another website. Search engines can’t display duplicate content in a list of search engine results. They punish website owners who plagiarize content and decrease their search engine ranking. 

Ultimate SEO Suite prevents this problem by using canonical links at the top of each product page. It also helps you easily create a Sitemap that helps search engines locate all of your product pages and index them into the database. 

SEO Cross Links 

SEO Cross Links is one of the most popular Magento extensions that you’ll come across. You can add keywords and URLs to each of the pages of your website, including blog pages, category pages, product pages, and splash pages. It enables search engines to locate your pages within minutes. You’ll increase the search engine ranking and usability of your website with ease. You’ll also receive free functionality updates and technical support. 

Sonassi Sitemap Chunk

This is the perfect extension for e-commerce store owners who want to operate a large scale website and want to scale and grow their website. This extension allows you to expand your product and service offerings to your customers. It also allows you to create various sitemaps in groupings and increase the limit of sitemap URLs by 40,000. 

Zoom Full-Page Cache

A website’s loading speed is important for many eCommerce business owners. It’s dependent on the number of leads and sales you’ll et. If your website is slow, then you could lose out on potential customers. There are several factors for why your website is slow, but without cache, the loading speed is dramatically increased. 

That’s where the Zoom Full-Page Cache extension comes in. It encourages ecommerce store owners to increase their website speed by increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the load on the server. Every time a customer visits your website, the system relies on the cached information rather than generating a request on the site’s server. It loads the information quickly. This decreases the server and dabase and makes your website load faster. 

While this is not an exhaustive list of Magento extensions, each tool will make your Magento store perform at its peak. There are hundreds of extensions to choose from and there’s not enough room to cover them on, but this guide should give you an idea on which options to include. These are some of the best extensions that could improve your website efforts and get the results you want.


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