Not many people want to leave their pets behind when traveling because essentially they are part of the family. Thankfully, traveling with pets is becoming easier as the years go by. More hotels, public transport companies, and other service providers are offering pet-friendly services. Below, we seek to make the experience more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable. Here is the ultimate guide for people who want to travel with their beloved pets. 

Keep the Pets Clean 

Keeping your pets clean is important especially when taking long trips. Depending on what your pet is, you need to carry essential cleaning products and tools that will get the job done. For instance, if you are on the road with man’s best friend research on the best shampoo for dogs to get the most effective ones for dogs. Baby or pet wipes may come in handy when you want to do a fast wipe-down to freshen your pet when they cannot take a full bath. If you are not a fan of cleaning your animal pal, you can always search for a pet cleaning company near you. 

Do Your Homework Thoroughly 

Do not get too excited about the trip before you know it will happen. Do your homework well to find out all the documentation the pet will need for the trip.  Investigate on travel policies that may affect your pet’s traveling plans. Some airlines may refuse to offer transportation to very young animals, some breeds, pregnant pets, large domestic animals, etc. You also need to include some pet-friendly activities when you get to the journey’s end. Do not take the pet along if you will only leave it in the hotel bored, while you out and have all the fun. It is better staying back with a good sitter. 

Visit the Vet before the Trip

Take care of your pet’s health beforehand. Visit the vet to make sure it is in perfect health condition for the journey ahead. The professional will ensure that all vaccinations are up-to-date and give the necessary shots, also give you a health certificate that is a requirement if you are traveling by air. For safety purposes, you may want to consider a microchip for your lovely pet. Your vet will insert this painlessly under your pet’s skin. The chip contains vital identification information about your pet. This can be very helpful if the pet gets lost for one reason or another.

Purchase the Right Crate   

If the pet will not be in the car with you, it is advisable to buy the right type of crate that the animal will use to travel. Before investing in any type of crate, ensure it is IATA approved. It should also be large enough so that your pet can turn around, sit, or stand with ease. Additionally, it needs to be secure enough, so that it does not slip around when the plane, boat, or vehicle stops or moves. You can also make the crate more comfortable by lining it with beddings. 

Prepare for Emergencies 

Sadly, emergencies crop up all the time regardless of the amount of planning you might do. To be on the safe side, you need to be well-prepared for such occurrences. Before you get to the destination, look for numbers of the closest veterinary hospitals that are open 24/7. Program this into your phone along with the emergency number of your regular vet. This helps if the professionals need to speak to each other in regards to the health of your pet.  Should your pet require immediate medical attention, you already have the necessary information at hand.


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