Top 5 Deep Web Search Engine

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Top 5 Deep Web Search Engine

You might have often heard about the term- ‘Deep web’ if you use the internet regularly. Deep web is that part of the internet which remains unindexed by the standard search engines. Everything including the password protected data such as your social media, Gmail inbox, chats, online banking transactional passwords.

This part of the internet is infact larger in size than the regular internet that we surf. It comprises of a vast repository of the complex databases stacked altogether. In the Deep web, you might find some anonymity and useful information such as various government reports or journals and archives.But, on the darker side of the internet, it also contains some illicit dark web sites which deal with drugs, child trafficking, armoury, terrorist activities and all other illegal activities.

To get access to this information, some user-friendly and intuitive deep web search engines can be installed. Check out the list below to know about these Top 5 deep web search engines:

·      TechXtra

TechXtra is mostly concerned with the articles and websites related to the engineering and computing. Google doesn’t necessarily index all the resources and information. Thus, TechXtra is the perfect solution for you to find the contents on computing, engineering and mathematics.

It has got the vast database which includes scads of information about the job vacancies, industries, e-books, teaching and study materials, etc. Even a newbie can get access to this search engine without hassle.

You can either look for your topic in the available newsfeed and choose the category or you can also type in your keywords in the search box. Once the results are displayed, you can click on the desired link which would redirect you t the web page.


·      DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has got the same interface as that of Google. But unlike Google, it doesn’t track your activities online.  The best part about this search engine is that you can customize these searches and can filter them as according to your needs.

It explores the internet well giving you almost 500 different results from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and various others.

·      InfoPlease

It is the oldest search engine with the huge database. It was created in 1938 and since then, this search engine has been the constant source of information for the internet users.

This user-friendly search engine is divided into different categories including Top 10, history, Economy, news on World, religion, different countries and the list continues. You can also look up the tools such as Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Videos.

The search engine is looked over by the team of experts to keep it safe.

· is a place where you will find huge list of deep or dark web links with description, name and .onion URL. This search engine has the database with the content about child pornography, drugs and other illegal links. Also, you can get the blogs about Tor and links to the deep web services.

·      Ahmia

Ahmia is another useful search engine which searches the hidden services on the Tor network. It is easy to use and even a newbie would be able to use this search engine with breeze. It filters out certain contents such as child pornography from its database.


If your main purpose to find dark net market sites on deep web then you can check out , here you will find all working links of market places with a brief descript even you can compare one market features with other market place. Yes, you can count this into deep web search engine list if you want to know about market places.



The search engines that are mentioned above are easy to use and thus it would make your task easier by filtering the best search results for you. All these search engines have enormous repository for the directories and they have a number of websites and hyperlinks.

This was my list of Top 5 Deep web search engines. If you have used any other, do let us know in the comments. 

Guest Author : Niranjan Kumar
Niranjan is the founder of Funda Marketing, a marketing strategy firm.
He has written for The many business and news websites. His latest is a revised, expanded,
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