Tips On How To Start A Mini Golf Business


Are you considering venturing into the mini golf industry? We have rounded up some important tips to help you get started.

1. Do your research

So you are passionate about owning a mini golf business because you think you can make a ton of money, or you just like the idea of owning a fun place where families can come to spend time together. However, you need to conduct extensive research on how mini-golf businesses are run and the viability of your idea first.

You need to conduct research around these key areas:

  • Are there similar businesses in your location competing for a share of the market?
  • The demographics of the city/town/suburb
  • Have there been similar businesses in the area that have succeeded or failed in the past? You might want to look into why they succeeded or failed
  • Check out other mini golf businesses in the area and look out for things that you can add to your business

2. Know your market

Knowing your market will help you position your mini golf business better and know how to sell it to your target market. You need some research to help you understand the interests and needs of your market. 

Knowing your market is instrumental in creating a marketing or advertising campaign for your mini golf business. Generally, mini-golf courses are targeted at families, but that is changing with more mini-golf businesses looking to capture a wider market. 

3. Know what the business entails

It is one thing to desire to run a business and it is another to know exactly what you need to make it successful. What skills do you think the business needs? Do you have a skill set that allows you to adapt to the business needs as you and it grow? Do you need to get a certificate or learn a set of skills so that you can deploy it in running the business? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself. However, you do not need any specific qualifications to own or run a mini-golf business. But we recommend speaking with someone who has experience in the mini-golf industry to gain some insights. 

4. Location is key

Everyone knows that location is an important factor in running a successful business. Your mini golf business is not an exception. You need to consider several factors before buying or leasing that property. Will you be getting a lot of traffic in that area? Will it be London or Birmingham? Is there a busy shopping mall close by? Are there tourist sites in that area? These are some questions that you need to find answers to before purchasing a property for your mini golf business. Mini golf courses like Plonk Golf have many venues across the UK and Europe, and you will notice that they are all located in areas that have a lot of foot traffic. If you are looking for ideas about positioning your mini-golf business, you should check out


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