Tips on How to Manage Waste Disposals within a Health Facility to Avoid Infections And Injuries


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Today there has been an increase in the awareness of safe handling of managing medical waste within a hospital. Medical waste that poses a high risk to human health is biomedical wastes; they form 15-25 percent of total waste. Biomedical waste may consist of all waste items contaminated with body fluids like blood products, blood, used gloves, wound dressing, etc.

Poor management of health care wastes from health facilities poses professional and community health risks to patients, waste handlers, health workers, the general public, and haulers. It can also lead to air, water, and soil contamination, which affects all forms of life. You can manage clinical waste within a health facility as follows;

Use Appropriate Color Coding

It is vital to separate medical waste at the point of production to ensure that it follows the guidelines provided by the department of health. You should ensure that you follow color coding when getting rid of soft clinical waste.

Ensure that you separate your waste correctly at the site before clinical waste collection day. You should put clinical waste on the clinical bags. You can then dispose of other uncontaminated waste into your usual waste stream.

Avoid Overfilling Clinical Waste Bags

When getting rid of medical waste, ensure that you leave enough space to tie the waste securely. When you leave the pack to overflow, some items will fall out, risking the spread of infections. Also, when the bag is overfilled, they can be overweight, posing a safety and health risk to those people carrying the waste.

Use Locked Room

After you have sealed the disposal bags, you can store them in an external wheelie bin or designated room. It will ensure that you have removed medical waste from places that they may disturb patients and other workers. Ensure that within the hospital, your medical waste is securely and safely stored.

Use Bins That Can Open Automatically

When you are purchasing a disposal unit, you should get the one that is foot operated or automatic. This way, you can avoid touching the rid with your hands and risk getting some infections.

Label All Clinical Waste

You must use postcodes to name the bags before your carriers pick them. It helps to show who was responsible for the waste. So everyone should ensure that there is proper medical waste collection and disposal.

Sign Consignment Note

During the collection of wastes, make sure you receive and sign a consignment note. It will show a proof of collection and hauling to the final disposal. You should also have a copy of the consignment note.


It is vital to ensure that there is regular training on waste management in hospitals. It helps ensure that there is compliance when collecting waste, separation, and waste minimization at your place of work. It will help everyone to understand how to segregate medical waste and has no reason for not complying. These are the tips that you should use from production, segregation, and clinical waste collection. When you take into account all these, there will be a reduction if spreads of infections within the clinical facility.

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