Tips for Selecting the Best Exterior Doors


Exterior Doors Oakville; How to Choose the Right Ones

There is no doubt that every homeowner at some time he would need to get rid of the old exterior doors Oakville and replace them with the new ones. That is essential to ensure that the doors remain functional and aesthetically appealing

Entry doors play a crucial role in our homes. Apart from providing security to our homes, they also act as vital elements in promoting the curb appeal of our homes. Also, remember that they are the ones responsible for the first impression of your home since they are the first elements that people see when they come to your home. As such, it is essential to choose the best exterior doors Oakville when we decide to replace our entry doors.

  1. Material

The type of material you choose for your exterior doors Oakville will impact several factors such as the security, style and price of the door. As such, it will determine most of its attributes. There are various exterior door material options you can choose. The main ones include;

  • Wood – wood is, without a doubt the most beautiful door material, and it has been used for several decades. There are various kinds of woods that homeowners can choose from such as mahogany, fir, walnut, oak, etc. These wood types have varying attributes. However, wood has its limitations. It is prone to extreme weather elements and needs a lot of maintenance to maintain its beauty and shape. Besides, it is the most expensive exterior door option, especially if you choose high-end wood types. However, the high cost is justified by its performance and energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass – if you love the wood exterior doors Oakville, but you are don’t like its high maintenance and vulnerability to extreme weather elements, then fiberglass entry doors wood be your better option. These doors come with woodgrain that makes them look like real wood. In addition, they are less expensive compared to wood doors. They are durable than wood, are energy efficient and are able to withstand extreme weather elements such as cold, strong winds and heat.
  • Steel – this is so far the most used exterior doors Oakville. One aspect that makes it more attractive to homeowners is its durability. When it comes to security, steel entry doors are second to none. In addition, nowadays they come with foam insulation to improve their energy efficiency. When you have an exterior door that offers you energy efficiency and guarantees your safety, then you have everything for your home. 
  1. Size.

Exterior doors Oakville come in various sizes, both standard and customized sizes. When choosing an entry door, you should know the size of the door that you need, whether standard or a custom door. Remember that apart from the material, the size of the door will also impact the price.

  1. Style.

There are different styles of entry doors in Oakville. However, regardless of how many styles are out there, you should make sure that your exterior door is designed to fit the architectural design of your home. Remember that your front door plays a vital role in your home, especially when it comes to creating the first impression for your home. It is the first element that visitors see when they come to your home. Typically, you want to consider the following aspects when choosing the right style for your home;

  • Type- there is a myriad of entry doors types, but the most common ones are French doors, standard single doors, double doors, sliding doors etc. The current exterior door styles include classic, rustic, craftsman, century modern, cottage etc. It is upon you to choose the right style, depending on the architectural style of your home. 
  • Paneling – nowadays, you can easily get single to five panes doors easily. Panes come in varying sizes, but you can as well choose panes with the uniform sizes.
  • Glass – you might be considering to have a full or a partial view through your exterior door. If that is the case, you have many options of glass types to choose from. They come in varying textures, shapes and configurations.
  • Hardware – there is a wide span of hardware to select from. Just know the style of your home, and you would have hardware that complements it the best.


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