Drop shipping businesses make for a good option for investment. It is a simple business model with no hassles of logistics and inventory management. A drop shipping business can be a wonderful option, whether you are someone who is investing for the first time into a business or a polished entrepreneur. The model comes with wonderful perks such as no unnecessary costs to be incurred on producing goods, maintaining stock and managing the entire supply chain cycle. All you have to do is provide a platform where different manufacturers can showcase their products and the audience can look at different options available to them. You also need to partner with a logistics and supply chain firm to manage your shipment, delivery and logistics operations.

If you have decided to invest in a drop shipping business, you will be faced with other major decisions such as which niche to go for. Print on-demand is a niche you can look at. Exchange marketplace provides a great platform where you can pick and purchase a business of your choice. Exchange marketplace offers some of the best options for both buying and selling ecommerce businesses across a variety of niches.

Below is a list of 3 print on demand businesses for sale on Exchange marketplace. Each of these print on demand websites are established businesses which come with all the benefits one could ask for.

Solo Artes Marciales

Solo Artes Marciales is a good drop shipping business to invest in

If you want to build on a business that focuses on equipment for martial arts and contact sports products, Solo Artes Marciales may be a good option for you. With clients from different parts of the world such as Chile, Portugal, Argentina, Peru etc., Solo Artes Marciales has been operating since 2015. They have been credited as one of the most important online martial arts businesses in Spain.

They have a 19,000 strong follower base on Facebook and have also shown a month by month positive increase in sales ever since their inception. In the past 3 years, they have managed to earn a total revenue amounting to $ 542,645. The average profits per month stood at around $ 5,000 at profit margins of 25%. They have managed to drive traffic of around 2,120,509 sessions in total.

You will have to spend 50 hours a week in order to run and manage this business.

Performance metrics for Solo Artes Marciales

The business is available for sale at $ 400,000. The sales price for this business is inclusive of the physical inventory as well as the logo and branding assets. You will also be getting access to their social media channels as well as their product photos and domain as a part of the package.


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Build Your Baby

Build Your Baby is a drop shipping business for sale on Exchange marketplace


Build Your Baby is a one stop shop where parents can purchase all the essentials for their children. The website has a fully automated Google Ads account. They also have Facebook and Instagram accounts that have been bringing them a lot of conversions. Build Your Baby has a 5,000 strong organic following on Instagram.

Performance metrics for Build Your Baby


The website has been able to draw a total revenue amounting to $ 198,807 with a profit margin of 50%. They have managed to make average profits of $ 6,000 on a monthly basis. In terms of traffic, Build Your Baby has drawn 228,895 sessions in total.

Build Your Baby is priced at $ 50,000, which is inclusive of facilitating relationship building with their suppliers, and access to their Upwork accounts. You will also be provided with an extensive list of 5,000 emails from different apps. As a part of the purchase, you will be provided with access to their Instagram profile and their Facebook Pixel Plan. You will be required to put in 40 hours on a weekly basis, to be able to run the business.

Survival Cat

Survival Cat is an outdoor sports equipment drop shipping business for sale


Survival Cat provides outdoor hiking equipment and sports goods on their website. It is a curated marketplace for such products, with an aim to emphasize on quality, intention and effectiveness. The store is essentially ‘plug and play’, which means you will only have to sync your products with a print on demand provider of your choice. The website is fully equipped with all the product pages along with detailed descriptions. Several important apps such as JSON-LD are there for SEO. The inventory is drop shipped through their own resources and you can install the essential apps to get on with marketing the products.

Performance metrics for Survival Cat


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The business has managed to accumulate revenue amounting to $ 17,180 at a profit margin of 30%. They have been able to draw traffic amounting to 65,193 sessions in total.


The website is priced at $ 497 and is inclusive of all their social media accounts- Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. You will also be provided with personal support after sale, along with logo and branding assets. They also have apps such as Sticky Add to Cart and JSON-LD for SEO.

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