Transporting a car to a new state or a country while relocating is the last thing that comes to anybody’s mind. There is a lot of things to be accomplished before final relocation that one completely forgets about this important possession. Packing and unpacking involves a lot of efforts and to add on to that the constant fear of such valuable things getting damaged make things even worse.

Automobiles are one of the most valuable assets and damage to the same can prove to be really expensive, therefore it is really important to ensure that these are transported safely and with the utmost care. To help you with this, car shipping companies can prove to be really useful; however, what is important is to ask specific questions to these companies to ensure that you choose the right one.

Here is the list of questions that can help you to make the right choice:

Methods they use for shipping:

The methods being used by these companies depends a lot on the location where the car needs to be transported. The most common methods used for shipping a vehicle are trucks and trains, however, in case of cross country movement, these companies also provide shipping through airways and waterways. While using a truck for transporting a vehicle, there can be two option one to opt for an open carriage and others to opt for an enclosed one. While close carriage may be a little expensive, the open carriage is always exposed to weather that can lead to vehicle damage in case of extreme weather conditions. For a long distance movement enclosed carrier is recommended for safe and hassle-free relocation.

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Whether or not the company is registered:

Before finalizing a car shipping company, make sure to check the registration of the company. Transporter you are opting for must be registered with the department of transport. In case of national level transporters, additional certifications may be required to operate.

Whether they provide insurance facility or not:

Regular motor insurance may not cover transportation to any other state or country. For interstate transportation, you may need to take additional insurance that will cover shipping and transportation. Make sure to check the insurance being provided by these companies and check the level of damage they cover under the policy.

Things you have to do:

Make sure to ask them about what all they require from your end. Remove all your personal belongings from the car, also make sure that oil tank is filled enough for the transporter to pick and drop your vehicle at your place.

The total cost of the project:

Cost of the project may depend on the services you will take. You can opt for door to door service which may cost you little higher, however opting for a plan where you may need to drop and pick your vehicle from the desired location may prove to be an economical one. Don’t hesitate to ask them about all the options available with these car shipping companies in the best possible price.

How much time will shipping take?

Ask them about the approximate time, they need to deliver your vehicle at the desired location. The shipment may take several days or even months while transported through waterways, therefore it is recommended to transport the vehicle much before your movement so that it can be delivered well on time. Also, ask them whether or not they have a storage facility in case of a vehicle arriving earlier than you.

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Documents required:

Enquire about all the documents required to transport the vehicle. This may include registration certificate, insurance documents or permission to transport the same. They may also need the bill of lading, which includes the accessories present in the car and the detailed description of the condition of the car.

With these questions you can get to know a lot about the company and its procedures, also it will help you to choose amongst multiple car shipping companies available.

So for a hassle-free and smooth transition of your vehicle ask as much as you can, after all, you are going to leave one of your most valuable assets with these companies. The best car shipping company will be happy to make your car move a successful one by offering you great co-operation. These companies have great manpower and equipment to safely move your car to the new city, country or any part of the world you want to go to.

Once you know what and how to deal with a car moving company, you can easily coordinate with and enjoy a great move.


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