The Comprehensive Guide to Online Video Advertising in 2019


There is a variety of persuasive reasons why video advertising starts to be more efficient than other types of ads:

  • on Facebook solely, the number of daily watched videos reaches 8 billion. It is 8 billion possibilities to show pre-roll and independent video advertisement for online video advertising companies
  • video ads increase brand awareness, as 90% of viewers could recall a brand, a video ad of which they have seen
  • 64% of customers tell that they were incentivized to make a purchase after watching a promo video on Facebook
  • paid videos collect 3 times more likes, shares, and reposts than their paid picture fellows
  • over 70% of users tend to complete watching an advertised video (not skipping it).

The platforms to post your online video advertising in 2019

  1. Google. AdSense (that is now called Google Ads) is about texts, pictures, and videos. You can target your audience to get knowledge about what of these three they like the most and to show specific users only specific type of ads. is the top-visited site with over 42 billion monthly visits.
  2. Facebook and Instagram. They are the same text-, pictures-, and videos-oriented online advertising platforms, and they have own rules for the length of commercial videos. Feed ads are the most useful and convenient to put your advertisement – it will be shown in the newsfeeds of users. Stories Ads that both these systems offer will introduce you to 15-seconds paid videos. Also, there is a ‘Suggestion’ videos section, clicking on which a user sees many popular videos mixed with commercial ones. Audience network placements feature by Facebook allows placing advert videos on participating apps and sites. Facebook has 22 billion visits a month and Instagram has 2.5 billion. We do not include Twitter in this rating (yet) despite the fact it has about 4 billion visits a month because they have just recently added a video tweet option and there is no reliable data on its effectiveness.
  3. YouTube ads. It is technically a part of a global advert system of Google (as it is owned by Google) but this site alone is the second most visited site on Earth taking over 23 billion global visits a month.
  4. Other platforms popular from Alexa top-50 ranking – you can easily google it or go to Wiki for the list of their sites. Some portion of them is local sites.

Video best practices

  1. Every video ad must be created first. There is an entire global industry behind it but the process usually consists of 4 stages: 1) conception; 2) filming; 3) editing; 4) making it as an ad (clickable and so on). The optional 5th stage is changing it according to clients’ feedback and reaction (purchases, click-through, skipping, installation rates, and so on).
  2. Make your video mobile-friendly. With more than 50% of all Internet users doing web surfing only using mobile platforms, the first thing you have to do with your video Ad is adapting it to mobile screens.
  3. The first 5 seconds of the video must be the most enthralling. Intrigue people to make them want to watch it until the end and – ideally – watch it again later (but that’s the challenge for the rest of an ad).
  4. Keep it concise. Shortness is a must in the 21st century. Let your ideas be manifested compactly, yet effectively performed and wrapped nicely and in an appealing manner with a must-have touch of professionalism in every aspect of it, from filming to storytelling, and to the picture.
  5. Include CTAs. Be specific, identify your goals and your product or brand.

Closed captions must help those who watch videos mute (85% of Facebook users do so).


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