The best video ads format in 2019


Video advertising platforms (such as and others) become more and more popular every year. It is connected with the growing popularity of various video advert formats, which attract people and make them buy. Among the variety of formats, there are always those, which are more effective and popular. In this article, we are going to observe top video ads formats of 2019.

Top video advertising formats

The creation of any type of video ads format demands skills and knowledge. There are certain rules, which should be regarded. Otherwise, your video will be immediately blocked. Consider the most popular video ad formats, which are attractive for the users:

1. In-banner. This is a wonderful choice for the placement on the websites, where users spend plenty of time on pages. Thus, it is vital to consider the amount of time the visitors spend on each page before applying this ad format. It might be used for the websites, where there are other ad units in the sidebar. Such a format is appropriate for 300 × 250 or 336 × 280 advert unit sizes. 

2. Floating video footer. Such a format is usually based on daily demand availability. It is not a 100% fill, which is why it is more profitable than in-banner format, which is always on display. The video starts immediately after a user opens a webpage. It is recommended to make it audio off in order not to make the users annoyed. 

3. Pre-roll. It is a format, which the users got used to. For them, it looks natural and not disturbing. Creating this type of video advert, it is vital to think about the appropriate length of it. If the video is too long, you can even lose your visitors. 

4. In-read. These videos are located between two paragraphs. Be careful selecting the location for this ad format. It is better to place the video in the location, where the users will definitely spend lots of time (for instance, reading something interesting). Such a format works on a view-to-play cost model, so there is no need to click on it. CPM rates for these videos are high.

5. Mid-roll. In comparison with pre-roll and post-roll video ad formats, this type of video is the most profitable. It is connected with the fact that the majority of users watch such videos until the end. Besides, they already got used to commercial videos on TV and the Internet, so they can easily wait for 30 seconds. 

6. Post-roll. Such videos can be used as a method of calling users to action. It would be effective, for instance, when you place the content about a product or brand before the video.

7. Overlay. It is created to play on the top of the content. This format is characterized by interactivity, so the users can click on it to stop. There might be close buttons or countdown timers. There are videos, which are able to collapse into smaller screens. After about 10 seconds, the videos usually change to a static advert. 

8. In-game. Many users have mobiles or tablets and play various games. In-game videos are usually played during a pause or when one of the levels is completed. Such a format is one of the most effective methods for monetization in apps. The videos are short and non-skippable in the majority of cases. 

9. Sponsorship Graphics. Such videos appear near a video player. They are attractive and bright. However, they never disturb the users from watching the content they are interested in. They are usually short. Sometimes GIF formats are applied. The videos are played together with other video content.

10. Connected TV Video. This format became popular because today many devices can be connected to a TV set. Thus, the video content might be played during the loading of a definite app. It resembles a traditional TV adverts. It can be pre-, mid- or post-roll.


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