The Best Men’s Leather Gloves for Winter


There is a variety of leather gloves in the market, depending on whether you will be using them for some handy-work or for carrying a toolbox or briefcase. The men’s leather glove is classic wear, and its popularity goes beyond style, given its warmth and durability. While you may be hesitant to look for one because of its high price-points, there are many affordable selections around. When shopping for a good glove, evaluate the choices based on functionality, style and design, and price. To avoid getting you overwhelmed with varieties, we identified gloves with the best reviews and came up with a range of the expensive to the more affordable. Above all, we were interested in the pieces that will make sure your hands survive the winter. 

Give’r Classic Give’r Gloves

This pair of iconic gloves go through a superior manufacturing process in Jackson Hole, where they are oven-baked and applied manually. Its three variations include an unlined lightweight pair at $29 and the heavier 4-season pair at $114. The Classic Give Gloves are fairly priced at $45. This selection is dubbed the glove of 100 uses for its versatility, and it will be ideal for the most rugged tasks like splitting logs. The pair comes in an intense yellow color and provides warm insulation. If you want extra flair, you can have your initials branded into a new pair for free. 

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Gloves

Red Wing relies on the same tanning processes it uses on its reputable shoes to produce the Heritage Men’s Gloves. The 3.25-ounce deerskin leather used on the pair provides durability, comfort, and insulation. 

The gloves come in nutmeg, black, or brown. Different sizes are accommodated with the pieces, although you should take into account that errors are common with the smaller sizes. Since leather naturally stretches, you may need to break in the gloves. The 40-gram lining stitched into the gloves will provide insulation without making them bulky. 

Kinco Pigskin Leather Ski Gloves

The Kinco Pigskin Leather Ski gloves have all the features you would expect from an excellent pair of ski gloves and then some. They have leather patches on areas that tend to wear out fast during skiing like fingers and the palm. The thermal lining ensures your hands are warm as you ski down the mountain while the coat of waterproof wax will keep protect you from the harshest of snow. Kinco has packed this pair with impressive features to back up its claim that they are superior when compared to both cowhide and fabric ski gloves. 

Hestra Granvik

The Granvik gloves are made from high-quality elk leather and insulated with superior wool terry. You can get the black and brown varieties or the red-yellow and olive green-brown combinations. The pair’s elastic cuff, coupled with the shock cord closure, ensures that the gloves stay in place and that they seal out drafts on those cold winter days. 

Danner Elkskin Unlined Glove

The unlined Danner Elkskin gloves are perfect for cool days. They are not suitable for very cold temperatures, but they will come in handy on the days when you want just enough warmth. The lack of padding means that you will feel more with your hands. The material of the pair also has a good grip to control slippage.


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