The 6 Best Flowers to Send to Someone You Miss


Flowers are a common way of saying that you miss someone. They can stir up a positive mood and give people a pleasant feeling. They help to spark conversation with someone whom you have not seen for a long time. However, you must pick the right miss you flowers to ensure they convey the I miss you message to the person correctly.

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Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are a type of lilies that have pink and white blooms with yellow star-shaped filaments. The blooms are faced in a slanted upward angle, which is perfect for telling the recipient not to feel depressed due to not seeing each other for a long time and to look up again because there is hope. They are an attractive flower to send due to the pink hues. Pink is the color to say I love you just like the red color.


Carnations have layers upon layers of crumpled folds of petals. The petals are soft, which conveys, that you have a soft heart for the recipient and will always care for her. Besides, carnations also release a nice fragrance that can perk up someone who is feeling moody. Pink and red carnations are great for sending a sentimental message to someone that you miss. It can be all red or all pink or mixed up in a vase.


Roses are the perfect way for saying I miss you, as it is the same meaning as I love you. Grandparents can give miniature/sweetheart roses to a granddaughter as they tell the meaning you are a sweet girl. You can send pink roses to express gratitude for a mother or grandmother that you miss. Yellow roses are the best way to tell someone that you want to stay in a friendship context.

White Daisies

White daisy is a simple flower with white petals and a yellow center. Daisy flowers look light, and you can use them to tell someone you miss to lighten up and be cheerful. White daisy also represents true love as it consists of two flowers – the outer part is called ray floret while the inner part is called disc floret. The two blend together to make a single flower so you can also give daisies to a lover that you are missing.


Forget-Me-Not is a bright blue flower with petals that resembles a mouse ear. There is a story behind this flower – a man and woman happened to be walking by Danube River when they saw the blue flowers. The man tried to pluck the flowers for the woman but he accidentally got carried away by the river. In his last words, he told her not to forget him and that is how the flower comes to be known as a forget-me-not.

You can send forget-me-not flowers to tell the recipient that you hope he/she will not forget you if you are soon leaving for a destination. It tells the recipient to keep fidelity in the relationship even if there will be challenges that arise. It is a good choice for two people who are having growing affection for each other but have to be separated.


Lilac has a history in Greek, it is about a nymph called Syringa who was pursued by Pan, the god of the forests and fields. To hide, Syringa turned herself into a lilac. Pan couldn’t find Syringa but he did find the shrub. He cut it and made the first panpipe. The scientific name is Syringa vulgaris and Syringa means pipe in Greek. Thus, the story behind lilac makes the flower suitable to be given as a gift for someone whom you are missing.


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