How Technologies Could Revolutionize Herbal Medicine


Investors and market experts had predicted the rise, but many are still shocked by how quickly the cannabis market has grown in the United States. It is a market that most predict will have a value of close to $14 billion by 2020. Legalization for medical marijuana is already prevalent in many states and some states are even legalizing recreational use. While it is too optimistic to assume that recreational marijuana would be legal in all 50 American states any time soon, medical marijuana being legal everywhere in 10 or 15 years’ time is very likely.

As more money is being poured into the industry, we are also seeing the emergence of technologies and advanced methods that could help with how herbal medicine is produced, distributed and consumed. That is why it is the right time to learn more about American Hemp Oil and how it would help your life.

While we are going to see so many different ways to sell and consume cannabis, we believe that hemp oil is currently the best option. It is legal everywhere, and gives users all the health benefits they would want from CBD. But what other possibilities will there be in the future? And how will technology impact those options?

Ways of Selling Cannabinoids

When we think about cannabinoids, we are usually thinking about the marijuana that you would smoke. But the reality is that as more traditional pharmaceutical companies get involved with marijuana, we will see that current consumption methods would be viewed as limited and inefficient. That is why we can start to see hemp oil and similar supplements being sold in the same way that current water soluble tablets are sold for medicines such as omega-3. It will be interesting to see how quickly big companies get involved in such production and sales.

The great thing about cannabinoids is that you are not only targeting those who are interested in marijuana, but also those who care about super foods. A lot of people already know that hemp is a super food that can help with the body and mind’s wellness. As we get to a stage where cannabis is medically legal in so many states, people may also start to see why certain types of marijuana are very beneficial for their health. The wellness and medicinal properties that you are getting from cannabinoids are the ultimate combinations that will help this industry take off.

These are exciting times for those who are interested in cannabis, CBD and hemp. Those who already know about the benefits of these substances are going to help get the word out to others. For major companies and investors, now is the time to look at the cannabis market. It is only going to keep growing, and more technologies are going to get integrated into how the cannabis plants are grown, and how delivery systems for CBD are produced. At the end of the day, it is the consumer who is going to see the biggest benefits.


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