Starting a socks business demands high creativity and patience as this business is a seasonal business and the demand of people varies for socks from time to time. Patience is required because it takes much time to attract customers and make them your regular consumers and doing this can be a difficult task when many competitors are already working in this field.

Since people carry on socks in their routine life as well so they are very choosy in selecting the socks and thus there comes a difficult stage for a new businessman that what variety he should keep in his business. So, when you are starting with your new socks business you definitely need to search a good name for your business which suits your socks business completely and thus also supports your marketing task in every manner. Your name should be such that it gives a clear indication to the public that you deal in socks and that they can get every type of socks at your place.

So to help you select an appropriate name for your socks business, we are here to serve you with various names which you can easily pick up for your new socks business. The names are as follows-

Socks company names

The growth of the socks business will be slow as people do not purchase socks most often and therefore it is a challenging task for you to give a push to your business in every way that you can and the one such idea is to give a good name to your sock business so that people can easily recognize you.  Some socks company names are as follows-

  1. Shop a socks
  2. The socks empire
  3. Socks for you
  4. Just socks
  5. Put on your socks
  6. Dobby’s socks
  7. Socks shop
  8. Love your socks
  9. The sock country
  10. The fancy socks
  11. Feet up your socks
  12. Socks up
  13. Solely socks
  14. All about socks
  15. Sock hop
  16. Front feet
  17. Joy feet
  18. Playday
  19. Rocksoft
  20. Godmotion
  21. Minuteman
  22. Elites
  23. Planet vibe
  24. Evictees
  25. Blue could
  26. Uprose
  27. Pretty knit
  28. Sick Sense
  29. Greenbuddy
  30. Supnix

Existing sock brand list

When you are starting your new socks business it is always advisable that you try to check out the working of your competitors and not only their working but also go through the names which different businessmen have kept for their socks businesses. So some of the existing socks brand names are as follows-

  1. Pantherella Danvers Rib Cotton Lisle socks
  2. Mr. Gray Melange Stretch Knit No show socks
  3. Scott Nichol Blickling Wool Men’s socks
  4. Marc ankle socks
  5. Socks rocks
  6. Sock drawer
  7. Half calf socks
  8. Random socks
  9. Sock it to me
  10. The riding sock co.
  11. Sock prints
  12. Rain socks
  13. Mark’s socks
  14. Kiss my socks
  15. London socks co.
  16. Solemate socks
  17. Falke pure silk short socks
  18. John Smedley Tobin socks
  19. Corgi skull pattern lightweight cotton socks
  20. CHUP by Glam Clyde socks.
  21. Happy socks of Sweden.
  22. Jollie goods branded socks.
  23. Quiet rebellion luxury socks
  24. American branded stance socks
  25. Japanese branded Ayame socks
  26. Massimo Dutti Mercerised cotton socks

Sock brand name ideas

After knowing some trendy and well- established socks brand names, time is to know some sock brand name ideas which you can give it to your own new socks business. The names are as follows-

  1. Great bliss
  2. Blue box
  3. Dive grid
  4. Pro feet
  5. Rouzruddy
  6. Yenten
  7. Stayadorn
  8. Arobell
  9. Every foot
  10. New shades
  11. Cross-stitch
  12. Moments
  13. Minuteman
  14. Rocksoft
  15. Cassava
  16. Comfysecret
  17. Foottender
  18. Lovemist
  19. Low purl
  20. FabCurve
  21. Urban feet
  22. Locos
  23. FeetStone
  24. Joss
  25. Pinky Yang
  26. jollying
  27. white God
  28. angel rest

So these were some new, fancy and creative socks brand names along with some known and well -established socks brand names which will give you an idea that what kind of name you should keep for your new socks business which will attract more customers to your place.


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