Signs of a healthy relationship


What should a romantic relationship be like? If you believe the songs, the partner should “complement” us. According to the comedy series, spouses should solve any problem in 30 minutes. Hollywood is trying to convince us that full-fledged relationships are built on a special “chemistry of love” and passionate, crazy sex. How to find out if the person you are or were in a relationship with was right for you? Our article will help you figure this out.

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Here are the criteria in our checklist that will help you make sure that you are in a completely healthy relationship (or maybe start thinking about whether it’s time for you to change something):

1. You trust each other

This is not only about the absence of secrets from each other, but also about confidence in decision-making. If both partners put the interests of a couple or family in the first place, there can be no doubt. Indeed, no matter what decision a person makes, it will be favorable for everyone. If you have “no right” to decide anything in your relationship or, conversely, you are trying to control every little thing – it seems that there are some problems with trust.

2. The mismatch of interests is not a problem

It is not necessary to be together around the clock and dissolve in each other to be a good couple. It’s great when there are common interests, but this is not the main thing in a relationship. Of course, to spend more time together, you can try to captivate your partner with what is interesting to you – or, conversely, try to get involved in his favorite activities.

Nevertheless, it’s completely normal if you like different music and different TV series. It is also absolutely okay when traveling; you prefer to wallow in the beach while your partner goes to museums or shops – or vice versa. It is much more important when views on fundamental issues coincide.

3. You agree on the important issues

At the initial stage of relations, many are embarrassed to discuss topics such as the budget, children, religious, or ethical values. But it shouldn’t be like that, because the farther your relationship goes, the more they come to the fore. For example, one person in a couple wants to have children, and for some reason, they were convinced that the second person wanted them too – but this was never discussed. In this case, there will be a problem when it turns out that the partner has chosen to be childfree.

Fundamental issues have to discussed at the beginning of the relationship. Nowadays, thanks to the dating apps and sites, you can figure out what the other person wants out of life prior to meeting him of her! HookupGeek will help you choose the best platform to find your Mrs. or Ms. Right.

To conclude

If these signs are about you and your partner – congratulations!


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