What is scoliosis and what are the treatment options available


Scoliosis treatment cost in India appears to be a great medical attraction for the medical tourists worldwide. This is because of the low cost along with the excellent services that are provided by the top hospitals of India. The reason on why you can consider India for your medical needs

  • Highly competent and qualified medical care
  • Access to some of the most competent surgeons
  • Better communication levels due to no language barrier and low cost
  • The cost of scoliosis surgery works out to be the lowest in the world.

The causes

There are a lot of causes associated with scoliosis that can be further divided into


This is the type of scoliosis that is present from the time of birth that mainly occurs due to the embryonic malformation in relation to a couple of vertebrae that could take place at any location in the spine. As it is present from the time of birth, you can diagnose it early in life.


This occurs due to muscular or neurological disease. An example in this regard is cerebral palsy. The neuromuscular one progress at a rapid pace and surgery seems to be the only option in most cases.


Though the exact cause of scoliosis is something hard to figure out this goes by the name of idiopathic. This accounts for nearly 80% of all cases and it is detected since the time of puberty.

Most cases that you observe with scoliosis are mild and do not need any surgical interference. But some kids do develop certain type of deformities once they grow that could be a cause of disabling. If the spinal curve is severe it could go on to reduce the space in the chest making the process of lung functioning a lot difficult.

Options of treatment

As far as the treatment options of scoliosis treatment is concerned the objective appears to be three fold

  • It strengthens the spine in a safe manner as far as possible
  • A balance is achieved between the torso along with the pelvic regions
  • For a long term you can maintain a correction

Normally a couple of methods are suggested by the best spine surgeon in India. They are

  • Spinal fusion that is undertaken by fusing the vertebrae to the curve
  • A support structure is in place to support the spine. You are going to need screws or rods till the process of fusion is in place

The moment a bone fuses, the spine will not move and the curve will not progress. To undertake this surgical procedure a couple of approaches are suggested. One is the posterior that is undertaken through the back and the other is anterior through the sides approach. Both do have their own set of pros and cons.

For the treatment of scoliosis the patient is provided with general anaesthesia and the procedure takes 4 to 12 hours on an average. This depends upon the type of curve and how much you need to fuse the spine. For close to a week you need to stay in the hospital once the surgery is over to ensure you are on the right recovery path

Candidates for the surgery

In terms of candidates for this surgery evolve there are basically adolescents  whose spine curve would be 40 degrees. This continues to progress and reaches up to 50 degrees by adulthood. To be a candidate for the surgery you need to be physically and emotionally stable and need to tolerate the physical aspects of a surgery.

Procedure of treatment

Posterior method

  • Here you expect a long incision on the whole of thoracic spine
  • You are going to separate the muscles from the spine that provides access to the spine
  • In order to reduce the curve rods are inserted and to hold them you will need screws
  • You insert bone that goes on to cause spine fusion. The duration of a fusion would be around 3 to 6 months, but in some cases takes around 12 months

Anterior approach

  • This requires rib removal and open incision. You release the diaphragm from the wall of chests along with the spine. In doing so proper access to the spine is provided
  • You remove the disc so that the spine would be loosened
  • In order to reduce curvature rods are introduced whereas it is kept in place by the screws
  • With a bone for fusion disc space is introduced. This takes a considerable amount of time.

The advantages of this method are

  • The number of vertebrae which is fused is on the lesser side
  • The overload stress on a few segments is prevented
  • Better appearance is ensured.

Results expected

With scoliosis surgery you can prevent the curve from growing. With a host of sophisticated methods, the surgeon can prevent the straightening of the curve that improves the functioning along with appearance to a large extent.


Once the surgery is over you are bound to have considerable degree of pain. This can be controlled via pain medications. Ideally you would need to stay in the hospital for close to 10 days to ensure that you are on the right recovery path. The surgeon is going to suggest that you do walk on the 2nd or the 3rd day after the surgery. The session of physical therapy would start on the third or fourth date of the surgery.

Most of the people are expected to return back to work within 3 to 4 days after the surgery. In most cases the full recovery would take around 6 months and you can return back to routine sports once your surgeon gives their nod of approval. Do follow the advice of the best spine surgeon in India as they have the skill sets to cope up with the problem.

Why India

India ranks among the top medical destinations of the world. Considering the enormous potential, the government has gone on to extend all possible support for the development of this sector.  The best of facilities at cost effective prices are assured.

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