If you have just developed the idea of running, you may be looking forward to know the major gears and accessories involved in the activity. You may wonder about the essentials that a runner has to carry. Well, it is okay to begin with the basics. Here are some of the things that you should know about if you are considering running for health seriously.


First is the list of necessary items. Surely, you need a nice pair of running sneakers, which is comfortable to don. And if you are a woman, then go for a good supportive sports bra.

You should pick a new pair of sneakers and basic running apparel. Buy a t-shirt and a comfortable track pant to run in. You can go for cotton pants are they dry faster and don’t absorb sweat.

If you are planning to run for long distance say 10 miles, then you need body glide to lower chafing. Vaseline can also serve your purpose well.

Speaking about long distance running, carrying the best running hydration packs is a must. You have different models available, but you need to narrow down your options and pick the one best for your individual requirement. Keep capacity, pockets, price and weight in mind when selecting hydration packs.

Helpful Gear

There are so many gears which can be helpful for avid runners. For instance, a running watch! Yes, it will help you calculate your pace, encourage you to move faster or slower. It will showcase your calories burnt and motivate you to do more in the coming days. It will give you GPS directions and measure your speed and progress.

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A smartphone decked with running apps can also be an amazing gear. You can replace your watch with smartphone. A smartphone will work efficiently to calculate your pace, distance and capacity. You can also buy an arm band for running.

Download several of running apps and track your speed, distance and progress. If you are a short distance runner, then you don’t need a running belt. But, for those who run 10 miles, they may have to carry some cash, keys and card for emergencies. So, a belt also comes in your helpful gear list.

Additional gear

There are a lot of things which can be entertaining for a runner. You may try amazing running sleeves to give you a challenging look on your run. It is more like a running costume for the boys and girls.

Apart from this, one thing which is recommended for all types of runners is quality music. If you are carrying your smartphone, then just tune to some amazing music and enjoy your running session. Switch on your headphones and enjoy your favorite sound tracks while running. If you are not carrying your smartphone, then an mp3 player can work for you. Run with some amazing and motivating music to help you increase your pace and provide that additional boost to keep you going.

Go ahead and give it a try today!


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