Smartphones are the items used with the highest frequency by people on a daily basis. We turn them on and off dozens, if not hundreds of times throughout the day, sometimes without a clear reason. They have certainly changed our daily routines and these tiny devices have had an incredible impact on the online gambling industry. Mobile gaming is now an essential part of Internet gambling, with online casinos relying heavily on handheld devices to attract new players.

Internet and smartphones rule online gambling

Just a decade ago, the top bingo websites and online casinos were investing exclusively in games that could be played on computers. Laptops were regarded as the pinnacle of mobility until they discovered that the Internet and smartphones are a match made in heaven. These devices are perfect for playing slots, table games and video pokers, the most popular types of online casino games. They are powerful enough to run complex videogames, yet they are simply ideal for the aforesaid genres which require significantly less resources.

The first online casino games were rudimentary and required players to settle for average graphics. Today, they are highly responsive, look absolutely amazing and they can be played straight in the browser. This means that one doesn’t even have to download an application to play on mobile devices and can simply enjoy the games in flash format. Free apps, however, are preferred by those who spend more time playing casino games, as they are quick to launch and grant people access to all the account features.

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More people play slots these days on mobile devices than they do on desktop and laptop computers. Smartphones are more intuitive when it comes to spinning the reels and their displays are large enough to display the reels and animations. In most cases, players only need to register an account to be able to play all the games for free on mobile devices. Select online casinos allow them to try any of the slots without even signing up for an account, which takes convenience to the next level.

What does the future hold for mobile gaming?

The gambling apps as well as the games that players can enjoy through them are getting better by the day. They are more secure, require fewer resources and are more intuitive and easy to use, which makes them ideal for recreational punters. Over the last couple of years, online casinos have channeled their resources to make incremental progress and improve the existing apps and games. They definitely succeeded, but it is time to come up with something new and virtual reality seems like the obvious step forward.

As new technologies emerge, mobile device developers rise to the challenge and provide players with smartphones that can support the latest technologies. Virtual reality games are already available and they can make players feel like gambling in a real casino. As the technology becomes mainstream, it will be embraced by all the important gambling operators and set a new milestone for the industry.


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