Psychology of Perception of Men


How often does a woman not consider the straightforwardness and concreteness of a man’s thinking, interrupts him half-word, distracted, suddenly remembers something, immediately loses the thought, switching to another. Here is your advice: “Do not ask stupid questions to your loved one, and eliminate unnecessary chatter.”

Where to catch a consistent straight-thinking man for the flow of your thoughts. Here he sits and feels himself abandoned in the midst of a cycle of thoughts, associations, images that a woman draws. It is clear that this irritates him.

If you do not understand something, do not show it, or he will think that you did not understand something in his reasoning.

Remember: a man is not interested in the flow of your consciousness, fantasy and philosophical reasoning. He is more interested in, and mostly understandable, the essence of things. And the details, he specifies them, if necessary.

Each phrase has a practical meaning to it. And if something is said to him “for information” this will cause him, at best, bewilderment. For him, if someone and something says something, then he speaks for a specific purpose.

So, if a woman complains to him just to find sympathy, then he can run into the situation of a man’s displeasure, if he is unable to help her or give advice. He always offers a solution, or a way to solve the problem.

Remember yourself: after going to the hairdresser, a man evaluates your hairstyle, but he is not at all interested in how many hours you spent there, what you were talking about with the hairdresser. The result is important to him. It may be perceived as simplistic, they are only interested in busty models, not what’s inside, but it’s wrong.

Remember that in exactly 15 seconds a man is ready to answer you. Hold a pause, even if he did not say anything aloud, be sure, he answered you.

Men often try to interrupt the conversation, perhaps even interrupting you in mid-sentence, he does not want to offend you. He already has an answer, so he hurries to answer, so as not to forget.

And then, when you listen to a man, let him state his thought to the end. If you interrupt it in the middle, he will lose the thread of his own reasoning, forget what he wanted to say.

Remember the most important way to avoid family problems, find a way out of the conflict, survive the insult, namely the ability to hear and speak correctly.

Yes, a woman has to try hard! You ask why?”.

It is easier for a woman to start thinking straight, than to a man to comprehend the “female logic”.

“If you want to be listened to, learn to listen to yourself”

Be patient, wait for him to finish his thought, and only then can you speak and ask questions.

Turning to his analytical mind, ask the man to put everything in order. This will warm his interest in it, and, perhaps, get real and efficient advice. And it will be useful for you to see how the logical chains are built, and this skill you can apply in any other field, from shopping in the store to success at work.

Speak on his favorite topics, supporting the conversation, show your interest. All that he does not care about and does not interest him, he puts in the category of stupid things. Do not be afraid that you all evening will have to listen to his tales of fishing or car repairs. The longest thought a man will tell is around 5 minutes.

Although a man can talk about himself or about his own business for hours. So, men, having gathered in the company, can surpass women in the field of chatter.

But they mainly discuss history, politics, economics, sports, that is, things relating to objective matters, and not to internal experiences. Although, of course, the problems of personal life (complaining about his wife, mistress), is also a situation for men to communicate, but in this they will simply list the facts, without thinking at all, and why these women act like this.


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