Previously, golf was not among the most famous games around. In fact, golf was solely meant for a small group of people in the society which in this case were mostly the elites. However, as time goes by the number of people interested in playing golf and spectating the game’s matches has increased drastically and at the moment, golf is played by any person in the society regardless of the person’s social status. The drastic rise in the game’s popularity has led to the introduction of shops dealing in products and garments which are pertinent to the game. Ping Golf is an example of a shop that solely sells products related to golf like bags, shoes, golf pings and gloves among other attires.  The company which was established in 1959 as a single shop dealing in golf balls only has over the decades grown into a company that not only sells golf balls but also other attires pertinent and relevant in the golf industry. Some of the different products available for sale at Ping include;


Ping golf sells a variety of bags which come in different sizes and styles and therefore it is always up to the customer to pick which he or she likes most. Some of these bags include;

In most cases, Ping golf always supply customers with either carry bags or cart bags. Carry bags are mostly backpacks which vary in sizes and quality depending on the materials used in making them. Some of these carry bags include;

Hoofer lite; the hoofer light is a medium sized bag that has seven pockets. Moreover, the hoofer lite bag also has a cushioned hit pad and is very light compared to other types of bags.

Hoofer bag is another type of carrying bag which has twelve pockets and shoulder cooling technology. They are also equally light just like the hoofer lite bag. Mascot team, Hoofer 14, and Moonlite are examples of carrying bags.

On the other side, Ping DLX, Pioneer, pioneer monsoon and tour staff are examples of cart bags sold at Ping Golf.

Apparels; apart from selling sportswear, Ping Golf also deals in a wide range of apparel for both male and female. For instance, Ping sells belts, polo, mid wear, rainwear, shorts and trousers among others.

To protect your head from direct sunlight, Ping offers a variety of headwear which always tends to vary depending on several factors like colour, size and price. Examples of these headwears which are sold at Ping include; KP caps, ladies performance caps, men’s sports visor, Mr PING Patch cap and women’s visor among others.

The golf grips sold at Ping Golf are placed under two categories which iron and wood grips or putters. The iron and wood grips vary in prices depending on their sizes. These grips include; Ping 5L Grip, Ping 5L round Grip, and Ping 5L Cord Grip. AVS Midsize Grip which comes in grey and white colours, Ping Pistol PP62 Grip which comes in colours black and silver and another Ping Pistol which comes in white and grey are all examples of putter grips


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