Product video doesn't have to be hard: Read these seven tips


When it comes to  advertise your product be clear and wise what your product is about.Advertisement of any product is compelling people to buy. So think before making product videos how you gonna mesmerize  them emotionally. Keep it in mind there is far difference between emotional attachment and thesis. Win their heart not brain. Check out the seven tips described best as possible in this article.

1.Be creative and unique

Look, first of all you need to create  the idea that best suits your product. You have to think not in a way that it seems traditional and monotonous. Remember the advertisement videos are of not more than 3 minutes. Keeping this in mind makes your video crisp and compelling. Remember people like laughter, joy and kind of suspense. So go to compel them in an entertaining way

2.Make your presentation casual

 To make your video engaging, go casual during presentation. Audience do not like scientific and standard terms rather prefer to see an engaging story. Something humorous  that directly relate to your product. 

3. Focus on your context

“Who you are” determines the reality of your product. So you need to focus more on your context. The purpose of your video should be Crystal clear. It should make sense and oriented in a compelling way. Your presentation should move around your mission for the whole time.

4.Do not copy

The most important thing in the whole tips. Understand this like companies like apple, Volkswagen never have any clarity in their product video still compelling to buy. Because they do not need to make any compelling video as trust is already built up. But it would be dangerous if you try to copy the add or the concept. Because people get confused and definitely you will be one step down.

5. Make it reliable

You can take in a way to build trust of audience over products. Once your products seems reliable on-screen you are done with your mission. So thing is how. Do not involve yourself in the story. Try to take interview of people who already used the product. This would seems real and give positive impact on viewers. This is one way you can move one step towards compelling.

6.Do not forget your fans

Never forget to involve your fans. The people who likes you definitely like your creations. So check over social media gather some quotes of them. This is going to help you way you haven’t expected.

These things create a buying behavior in viewers. Suppose you want to sell skin products. So your product video must include why and how your product works. For that you can take clip of interview of your fans.

7. Do not scare them 

Yes this is all about people. So keep it in mind that your video should be enjoying, humorous and something out of the box. Do not make a video in a way that hurts their feelings. Also take care that you are indirectly compelling them to use. It should not be like that if they will not buy they cannot live on the planet. Your duty is just to make their minds in such a way that voluntarily ready to use.


A product video is a step in a product sell. All you do is spread about your product amongst people. If your video is being seen again and again then this is your advantage. So keep it in mind before making a video that your video should be crisp and short. It should be compelling but not in a way that seems false. If you cannot able to make them watch the strength no worry. But do not make them see the dark part. These seven tips help you to get through it.

Check out reference link for visual understanding Imagefilm and produktvideo


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