40+ Catchy Pizza Restaurant Name Ideas


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With 95% of the population consuming pizza on daily basis, the thought of opening a new pizza shop is genuinely a great investment venture as the food business in any corner of the world never fails to bring out enormous profits. However, to open a pizza shop many preparations are to be done beforehand so that you can successfully start up your own pizza business. As you are planning to invest your money in the pizza business, you need to decide certain things regarding your new pizza business. You need to find a suitable location where you want to start your business, remember you should try to go with a centralized location of the city because that attracts a massive crowd than you need to fix your budget or you need to collect money in order to open your shop and then the most important, you need to select a good name for your new pizza shop.

Selecting of a particular name for your pizza shop is going to be really difficult. As you are new in this field so it may take much of your time as you do not know that on what basis you should give a name to your pizza business. Also, you will face trouble in getting it registered. It may be possible that the name you are thinking to keep may already be registered and that would create a mess for you as you will again have to brainstorm the names in order to get a new one. A tricky work indeed!

So in order to release a bit of your tension of selecting an appropriate name for the new pizza business we are here to help you out by giving you a long list of catchy, creative and innovative pizza business names which you can definitely keep for your new pizza business. The list of various pizza business names are as follows-

Pizza Restaurant names

 As you are starting your pizza restaurant you need to decide a name for your business which will represent your restaurant in the market and people will know you better by that name. So the list of some pizza restaurant names is as follows-

Catchy Pizza Restaurant Name Ideas

Pizzeria The pie
Pioneer pizza Delicacy pizza
Mastering pizza Pizza parlor
Twisted pizza The pizza cuttler
Mozo pizza Gogo pizza
Pizza Bites Pizza Slice
Theo’s The grill corner
The crispy corner The crusty pizza
The pizza delight The pizzeria cafe
The pizza factory Le pezze

Catchy Pizza Place Names

 You should try keeping a catchy pizza business name so that people remember it for a longer period of time and it is competitive as well. The name should be such that people are able to say it easily. Remember the mouth publicity gives more customers than the advertising so if your name would be catchy then only you will be able to fetch customers. So the long list of some catchy pizza place names is as follows-

Doro noto Pizza palace
Dozzy dream Origin pan pizza
Crispy pizza corner Baroque pizza
Sugar and slice pizza shop Hot pan pizza
Deep dish pizzeria A better pizza
Pizzomatic Evening pizza
Z pizza Pizza craving
Pizza 90 Pizza topping
First class pizza Pizza studio
Americo pizza Lucifer pizza

Trendy pizza shop names

 The name which you are choosing should be trendy enough that is it should fit the trend of today. It should sound cool and innovative and should be fancy as well. So I hereby compile a list of trendy pizza shop names-

The pizza stone The full moon pizza
Round the table pizza Pizza Express
Grill pizza Pizza kitchen
Pizza crust Slice of heaven
Vito’s pizza Homemade pizza
Pizza go Good pizza
Town pizza Prime pizza
Cruzer pizza The coop pizza
All around pizza Pizza Toss
The pizza connection Inside out pizzas

Funny pizza shop names

To be classy is good but to be funny is equally important. Sometimes the humor adds magic to the existence of an entity. So some of the funny pizza name ideas are as follows-

Lamppost Pizza pizzanista
Pizza paradise Pizza kitchen
We knead pizza Pizza Peddler
Home slice Touch guy pizza
The home pie pizza Firehouse pizza shop
Stakeout pizza The good one
Blood pie pizza Buddy’s pizza
Flyer’s pizza Crispy slices
Pizzeria Mozza Pizza delicious
Mamma mia pizza Red tomato
Mondo pizza Slices of heaven
Basil Silican pizza
Angry pizza Tomatino pizza
The Oven Pizza and pizza
Speedy pizza yummy pizza

So this was a long list of the various catchy, trendy and funny pizza shop names which you can successfully keep for your pizza shop without giving a second thought to it. Make sure that you get yourselves registered and also your opening should be a good one so that people visit your shop again and again to have great pizza’s delivered by you at their table.

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