Perfect Guide on How to Wear Bracelets


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When you are going to attend any party or get together, there are certain pieces of jewelry that you prefer to wear, like an earring or a signature neckpiece. There are many of you who prefer to avoid wearing a bracelet if you wear a gaudy earring or a gorgeous necklace. But, if you know the right way to wear a bracelet, you can look appealing with this piece of ornament. There are party wear designer bracelets are available which can go perfectly with your dress. You can also pair a simple-looking bracelet with your formal attire. What you need to know is how to make the perfect combination that won’t make you look flashy, yet elegant. Today, you will the perfect tips to follow while you want to wear bracelets. Have a look-

  • Keep It Minimal at Office

You can wear bracelets with your formal dress at the office, but you need to know what to wear. Bangles are quite disturbing as you don’t want to create distraction with the tinkling sound of your bangles. That’s why it is always better to wear chain bracelet at office which is quite thin and also stylish. You can also wear a chain bracelet which is quite stylish also. Go for silver or neutral gold-toned bracelet as those look perfect with formal clothing. Even carrying a getnamenecklace bracelet of your fiance, to feel him/her special 

  • You Should Always Mix and Match

Make one thing very clear that you should not wear too many bracelets all together and make your arm look crowded. Go for a single bracelet that can make you look sophisticated and elegant. But, don’t be afraid to be experimental. You can wear bracelets of different width and color to create a junky look. Especially, teenagers prefer to wear like this and that can give them a bohemian look. If you are stacking your arm with bracelets, don’t wear anything too heavy on your ear or neck. There is also another caution you need to follow. Never mix and match two different tones of metallic bracelets. If you are wearing golden metal, then stick to it. Mixing silver with it will make you look messy.

  • Wear Metallic Bracelet with Black Dress

Little black dress will never be out of fashion. But, how can you give an ultra-modern touch to your dress? Wear a metallic bracelet and you are ready to hit the floor. If it is a prom night or you are going to the disco on the night of 31st December, you can grab all the attention with such a look. If your dress is a bit old and cheap, you can create a classy look with gold or silver metallic bracelets.

  • Go for Beads

If you think beaded bracelets are only for kids that are wrong. To create a boho-chic look, there is nothing comparable to beaded bracelets. You can pair it up with a designer maxi dress or short dresses to get a casual look. Check now for customizable getnamenecklace.

So, here you get certain tips on wearing bracelet perfectly. Now, you can check out white gold bracelet designs or any other types which you prefer to buy.

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Shashank Jain
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