Opting in for bail bonds – Important questions and facts to consider


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Crisis never comes with prior notice at hand! And so, when you find a dear one getting arrested and walking inside the jail, you are consumed with grief and trauma. There could have been an accident, that got misinterpreted, which made people see your loved one in the wrong light.

Else, there might be a third party who has framed your loved one by playing a nasty trick to show that he/she is guilty. Regardless of the situation at hand, you need to ensure that your loved one is proved innocent. But that can’t happen when they are inside a jail. You need to get them out of jail by paying a bail amount. It is here that joining hands with a bail bond company is essential.

The online world has made it easy to search for a bail bond company. You need to browse through the companies that you come across. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Castle Columbus Ohio bail bonds. It is essential to ask a few critical questions before you choose one.

Opting in for bail bonds – Important questions and facts to consider
Opting in for bail bonds – Important questions and facts to consider

  1. What are things you need to know before opting in for the bail bond company/agent?

Most bail bond companies will need to know a few essential facts before they assist you. They must see the location where your loved one gets held at custody. You should also provide the company with your loved one’s full name and the booking number.

Equipped with this data, the company will get talking with the jail authorities. They need to know the bailing amount as well. And the companies can go ahead with the bail amount and pay the same. Once the process is over, you can pay 10% to the bail bond company.

  1. How can you get the bail bond?

It is essential to opt-in for the bail bond in four ways. They are:

  • Use the real property at the court
  • Connect with a bail bond agent or company
  • You can provide money for the exact bail amount in jail
  • Let the judge determine if the defendant can manage the bail on their own

Will you receive the capital the moment your legal case gets over?

It is one of the most critical questions. However, there are a few exceptions here. The defendant’s family doesn’t get the premium money anymore, which they paid to the bail bond agent or company. Using this amount, the defendant gets out of jail for a temporary period.

The amount can be earned back as the defendant gets freed from custody. There can be a situation when the defendant commits a crime again and gets arrested after a few days. That will not sanction the refund as well. If the bail bond company doesn’t cater to the clauses of the contract, a refund gets guaranteed.

However, you should also know whether the defendant can leave the country or not while on the bond. It is necessary to get the required permission from a bail bond company. The request needs to get documented, as well.

If the court has instructed the defendant to stay in the city as the legal proceedings carry on, it is essential to follow the same. Violating the law is never a wise decision. It can affect your legal case and might affect the final verdict as well.

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