The city of Orlando is located in the center of the state of Florida, the most resort state of America. Actually, it is famous for excellent weather, wealth and beauty of nature and well-developed recreation infrastructure. Tourists from all over the world come here.

In addition to various attractions, water parks and museums, there are natural sights in Orlando and its surroundings that you should definitely see. However, it can be rather impossible if you are going to use public means of transport. The best way to explore the outskirts is applying to Green Motion rental, where different car models, high level of service and good prices are affordable.

Be sure to visit the following places to be acquainted with Orlando nature:

Cypress Gardens

Located in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida’s oldest theme park was opened in 1936. Here you will find the pavilion Wings of Wonder, in which you can see more than 1000 butterflies of 50 species collected from around the world, a garden of sculptures from plants and many other attractions. These gardens are considered the main pride of the state Florida.

Wildlife Reserve Merritt Island

This is one more national treasure of Orlando. A large part of the reserve area are forests and marshes, and it is separated from the mainland by lagoons. Here, the rarest species of animals and birds are taken under protection, for example, the disappearing types of deer. A huge number of alligators lives in the marshes, and sea turtles and manatees are near the coastal waters. There are also migratory birds that nest in the trees, particularly eagles. Try to behave yourselves as calm as possible in order not to frighten the animals.

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The Ocala Forest Reserve

The reserve is an hour’s drive from the city if you use Green Motion car rental in Orlando, so the route won’t be so boring and long. It is a popular place for camping. Besides, tourists can swim, dive and snorkel in the majority of lakes, rivers and springs (generally, three are 600 of them as such). It is possible to see cranes walking gorgeously on the sand. If you are lucky, you can quietly take a photo with them.

The Florida National Wildlife Refuge

A whole island carefully guarded against human and industrial interference. By the way, the number of lightning strikes per year also distinguishes this place. In addition, there is an opportunity to go kayaking to the ocean across the Mosquito Lagoon. In addition, all this in order to witness the miracle of nature – the emerald sparkle of the ocean in the dark. Thanks to the microorganisms illuminating the sea surface, this fascinating spectacle takes place. All summer lasts a unique natural show, but most of all in late August – early September. The cost of the tour is acceptable: for children – $27, for adults – $35.

It is a fact that car rental in Orlando open the door to an independent journey around the state. Apart from the parks and reserves mentioned above, tourists must spend some time in:

  • Park of Lake Eola;
  • Reserve Tibet-Butler;
  • Nature Reserve Back to Nature;
  • Lake Lizzie Nature Reserve;
  • Nature Reserve Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park.

They are all different and unique, and should not be missed in no case.

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